Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Frank Gamble - Heart Speaks

Going into this, I know nothing about Frank Gamble and I can't decide whether to attempt to scour the internet for information and call it "research" or just continue rambling and hope that a post comes out of it by the end. I think Frank Gamble are two people, and I'm fairly sure that the female member of the duo (my brain seems to think it's a male/female two-piece situation) used to music under a different name, possibly her real name. I think someone told me about this months ago and I also think that this female in question confirmed this in the last week or so on her real personal actual Twitter. But obviously I can't recall her name. YADI! Hannah Yadi is her name, Frank Gamble is now her game. Oh my God I'm glad that is all cleared up.

'Heart Speaks' is a song that Frank Gamble have released recently, it's not their first but it's without a doubt their biggest yet. Starting as an unsuspecting pop song (Is that the right verb... I don't know if that makes it sound as though the track isn't sure what it's going to do... maybe it isn't.) 'Heart Speaks' quite literally metaphorically explodes into an electronic starburst of vocal samples and trippy synths.  This, really, is kind of the definitive sound of pop in 2016, isn't it? This is, I reckon, what people thought the future was going to sound like. All that "music made with computers" stuff. It's good this.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Thomston - Rocketfuel

Thomas Stoneman, Prince of New Zealand, is about to release his debut album Topograph and it's come round so quick I had literally no idea that it was coming out as soon as this Friday. Whaaat. I must have been a fan of Thomston for about two years now so it's cool to see this album come around after so long. I also can't find anywhere to buy a physical copy of this release which is stressing me out because I can't believe that's something I'm expected to live without.

We've been treated to 'Rocketfuel' on the lead up to the album and damn if this is what's in store for the other unreleased tracks on Topograph this album is going to be iconic. 'Rocketfuel' doesn't really sound much like any of Thomston's earlier songs; it's far more upbeat, there are some drum sounds and patterns that I wouldn't really ever have expected to come from Thomston, but it's such a great change of pace. Stoneman's lyrics have always been quite intelligently strung together but it's a lot more blatant on 'Rocketfuel' with various space and speed metaphors scattered throughout. My personal favourite line is "third degree, you know you burn me", but that's just one of the gems.

If that wasn't enough, Thomston also recently did a cover of Ariana Grande's 'One Last Time' which you can watch below. It's good. And melancholy. Which is nice.

While She Sleeps - Civil Isolation

It took me a little while to get into While She Sleeps. Their brand of whatever sub-genre you want to call this wasn't really what I was into around the time that the five piece released their first... mini-album (? eight tracks is way too many for an EP) The North Stands For Nothing. But by the time their debut full length This Is The Six came around things started to click a little more. And obviously their last album, 2015's Brainwashed, was nothing short of excellent.

This brings us to While She Sleeps' as yet untitled third album, due out next year, and the not so unorthodox way in which their funding the recording of the album, via PledgeMusic. There's a video on their campaign page that tells the story of the band via a fake Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption voiceover and also annoying soundbites of Beez saying how great a band they're going to be. To clarify, it's Beez that is annoying, not the fact that they're a great band. Some may think that a campaign like this ten years into a band's career is a sign of weakness, or that the band don't have the momentum to keep going without fan funding, but when you think about it, being at the point in your career where you have a wide fan base to support you, this kind of thing is really a no-brainer.

The first track we've been treated to from this forthcoming album is 'Civil Isolation'. For me, personally, the most important thing in music made by heavier bands is making the songs catchy especially in terms of getting new fans in and While She Sleeps do that really well. Still being super heavy and usually with pretty dark lyrical themes, tracks like 'Civil Isolation' are just straight up great rock songs, and the dual vocals sound so great on this track too. The mad subtle yet effective visuals (see below) are so rad as well.