Monday, 22 August 2016

Azekel - Linger (Maths Time Joy remix)

I've lost count of the millions of times that I've listened to Azekel's 'Linger' this summer. So, you know what's really good when you've listened to a great song a trillion times? When somebody just as good makes a sweet af remix of it. New song but also song that you already like all rolled into one. The. Actual. Dream. Every time I mention anything mildly related to Maths Time Joy I sing his praises because his stuff is always so good. I'm also painfully still hung up on the genius of Maths Time Joy being an anagram of his real name Timothy James. I can tell you now that I am categorically never getting over that.

Azekel recently released new EP Raw, Vol. 2 so thought I might as well sling some words about that in here too. Azekel is actually the UK's answer to Gallant, isn't he? Which begs the question why people don't seem to regard him anywhere near as highly as everyone sees Gallant. It's all very odd. There's something that feels quite intelligent about the way this EP has been put together. 'Stuck' and 'The War Inside' are the two traditional tracks that accompany 'Linger'. Any notion that Azekel's music sounds American influenced is blown to shreds by 'Sketch, Pt. 2' and 'England Is A...', showing that British R'n'B in 2016 has so much more depth to it than one might initially perceive. The sound of static between tracks really reinforces the "raw" element in the release's title too.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sinead Harnett - If You Let Me

Here's where I stand... or where I stood with Sinead Harnett: I absolutely loved her on the Disclosure album, and then on the Rudimental album. Those two could literally do no wrong when it came to picking vocalists for their debut albums and I don't know if the likes of Ella Eyre and and even Sam Smith to an extent would be without those as a platform.

I really didn't enjoy Harnett's recent singles 'She Ain't Me' and 'Do It Anyway' which I was really disappointed by but I personally for me on a personal level just found them really bog standard British female pop artist, but I absolutely loved her single 'No Other Way' featuring Snakehips. So if you take that formula of putting Harnett alongside great electronic music producer types, we should be on to something good, right? Correct because the single 'If You Let Me' featuring Grades from Harnett's new self-titled EP is excellent.

I actually think slow-jam Sinead Harnett is far better than big pop song Sinead Harnett but it's the balance between the two that is key. Still whatever Grades has done on this single is absolutely stellar. I don't know if this is the type of stuff that radio cares for, but it really should be. I really hate using the word "vibey" now, mostly because it's not a word but also because I've been doing this for so long that I should probably be better at words by now, but that's how I feel about 'If You Let Me'.  That new EP I mentioned, the second track is called 'Rather Be With You' and that's quite good even though it's far more upbeat that 'If You Let Me'. These are the standouts on this EP, so if these tracks are a sign of things to come, it's lookin' alriiight.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Last Friday Night: Geovarn, Horrorshow, Jake Miller, Janelle Kroll

I don't know if I'll end up doing this every week i.e. I definitely won't do this every week.
Every week I put together five NMF posts and trawl through around 130 songs and whittle them down to about 30 really good ones. In light of this, I'd like to share some that you almost definitely won't have stumbled across.

Geovarn - Say Now

I am lost. Proper fuckin' lost on this, guys. You take what The Weeknd sounded like on those mixtapes, mix that with what Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez are doing right now, and in Geovarn you've got the London based equivalent. So, answer me this: Why, at the time of posting, does the official video for this track, 'Say Now', have less than 1000 view? Fucking answer me. Perplexed. From what I understand via some sketchy research Geovarn James "won" a Sony Music record deal which sounds like an absolute disaster but we'll see... because this guy is good but I guess it depends what Sony decide to do with him... if anything.

Horrorshow - If You Know What I Mean

I have some kind of fascination with Australian hip hop. I don't know why but something about it really intrigues me. Although one time I did stumble across Seth Sentry and Jackie Onassis in the same week... that probably did it. Anyway, Horrorshow are a duo from Sydney and as they quaintly put it "Adit makes all the beats. Solo talks all the shit." and they have a new single called 'If You Know What I Mean'. The video's a bit weird, but they're from Straya so what you expect? But it does a really cool thing with greens and maroons a bit like that new Mac Miller video and I'm really into that. This is a reet vibe though, some might even say a "bop".

Jake Miller - Overnight

The cool thing about NMF playlists is that they throw up songs and artists that kids are "stanning" that you've never heard of. There's something about just listening through 100+ artists you know absolutely nothing about and then looking into them later. Jake Miller is one of those. Turns out he's a guy from Florida who does songs and stuff and people are kinda into him. Apparently he used to rap and people seem kinda annoyed that he's not really doing that anymore but when you've got a great pop song like 'Overnight' I don't know what the beef is. He's releasing a seven track EP next Friday, that might be good... it might not... we'll see.

Janelle Kroll - FVR

In a slight continuation from that last track, Janelle Kroll doesn't look one bit like I thought she would and my brain's imploded. Kroll is based in New York and she states her musical genre as "emotional" and I really respect that in a "that's not a genre!" kinda way. Her new single 'FVR' is probably my favourite pop song that no one else in my immediate sphere seems to be talking about of the week. It starts a little slow but I beg you don't let that put you off because by the time the chorus hits this is lit AF. Kroll's voice is super rad as well, most definitely a voice for great pop songs. Now listening to this on repeat quite contently as the sun sets out the fourth floor office window. So lovely. But it's noq distracting me from actually finishing, formatting and scheduling this post.