Monday 27 July 2015

Hevy Fest 2015: Prove Me Wrong Preview

Hevy Fest takes place in Port Lympne, Kent on 14th and 15th August.

I've wanted to head to Hevy Fest for the last few years but it's just never really worked out for various reasons, this year though, the dream is becoming a reality. Boasting previous headliners including Finch, Black Flag, and Glassjaw, Hevy is now gearing up for it's sixth year at Port Lympne Wildlife Park.

There are some thing that I am obviously really excited to see: Thrice, Fightstar, The Fall of Troy play 'F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.'. But aside from those, there are a few bands on the lineup who I have heard and/or seen before who I wasn't overly stoked about first time round. I like to give things the benefit of the doubt though and I would like to be proven wrong by the following bands at Hevy 2015.


The band formally known as Baby Godzilla have become notorious for their live show. I've seen Heck play the same stage at Takedown Festival two years running, and the first time it was very 'okay well this is kind of crazy and different' but the second time was more 'yeah I've already seen him climb up that thing'. At Hevy, I hope that proceedings will be more interesting because (I assume) Heck will be in a tent and big tents are very different to small rooms at a university SU.

As It Is

This Brighton five piece who have been "tearing up Warped Tour all summer" only have three UK dates booked for the rest of 2015 and Hevy is one of them. No matter how long I stare at the line-up, As It Is still seem like quite a peculiar booking compared the style of the other bands surrounding them on Saturday's main stage bill. I think it will be really interesting to see the crowd that turn out to watch the YouTube star fronted pop punk band. And although I can't say much for the rest of the album, I do really like 'Dial Tones' and I'd like for this to be good live.

Fort Hope

I'm never really sure whether it's cool to say that you like Fort Hope or not (not that it rrrreally matters, but it's cool if people thing you're cool, right?). The uncertainty mostly looms around the fact that the now trio were born out of the band that were My Passion, and two years into Fort Hope's career I'm still not sure they've been able to shrug off their past. As shown on the band's most recent self-titled release, their songs are much more intricately and intelligently structured than many may expect. I was told back in 2013 that to really get Fort Hope I needed to see them live... it's probably about time I do that.


Creeper have this song right, 'Gloom', which sounds so much like Blink 182's version of 'Another Girl, Another Planet' and I can't get past that. But I want to. My friends like Creeper and I want to join them and also like Creeper. Less than two months ago the Southampton five-piece announced that they'd signed to Roadrunner Records which is pretty big. Listening to their debut self-titled EP again, I quite like 'VCR' and I hope they play this one, it sounds a bit like Alkaline Trio, and I really like Alkaline Trio. Tipping Creeper to be my pleasant surprise of the weekend.

Milk Teeth

I definitely wasn't the only one who was a little surprised back in April when young Glocestershire punk upstarts Milk Teeth signed to long-running US label Hopeless Records. I fear that Milk Teeth might fall into this trap where they become a quota filling band because their bassist/singer is female, which isn't that cool. What is cool is seeing a band of this size and genre filling bigger and better festival slots. I've seen Milk Teeth once before, and I'm not really into the whole grunge/punk thing but I'd like to check out this four piece again in a setting that isn't a tiny room in Shoreditch on a Monday night.

In addition to all of that, I'm really looking forward to seeing Press To Meco again, and both Blood Youth and The Get Up Kids for the first time. I listened through to The Get Up Kids' 2009 album 'Something To Write Home About', which the band will be performing in its entirety at Hevy, for the first time last week and I definitely did not hate it.

I'm also really excited to go to a camping festival of this size this year. I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'm usually at Redfest this weekend of the year, but unfortunately the festival is taking a year off. I really love the atmosphere at these small festivals, it's almost indescribable, and I'm so glad that Hevy is going to fill the void for 2015.

Let me know if you're heading to Hevy, or if you've been before, let me know what to expect and what I should check out.

You can purchase weekend camping tickets for Hevy right here for a mere £89.

Sunday 26 July 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #29

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

This week was sad and dreary and all round pretty rubbish. I actually have very little to report due to everything being pretty much 0/10. Even Demi Lovato's 'Cool For The Summer' video was horrendously disappointing. What have I done to deserve this?! Something exciting though, I'm taking What If I Had A Music Blog to it's first official festival, Hevy, in a couple of weeks time! Which is cool, especially so because Redfest should have been taking place this weekend, and Redfest is the greatest, but I'm really looking forward to having it back next year. Finally, I decided to stop being so goddamn lazy this week so what follows is pretty jam packed.

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I can’t get over how effortless this pop/dance crossover is, it’s essentially perfect. I don’t want to say too much for fear of ruining the perfectness (definitely a word) of ‘Instinct’. Also BB Diamond is today the human I would most like to look like and steal the wardrobe from.

A crazy thing has happened. There is a new Hurts song and I REALLY like it. The last time I really liked Hurts was five years ago when they released ‘Wonderful Life’ which is, by the way, still incredible, but ‘Rolling Stone’ may just be on par. It’s huge, humungous, absolutely massive - there’s no other way to describe how big this song is. Let the verses take you on a mystical journey and the chorus punch you right in the throat.

Hold up, are we getting a video for EVERY song on JMSN’s self-titled album? Because do you have any idea how down right incredible that would be? Because JMSN’s music videos are in a league of their own. The video for ‘Waves’ looks as though it’s been plucked straight out of the 90′s but the track itself sounds absolutely timeless.

WLFPCK are a band from Arizona in the big ol’ US of A and ‘Mistake’ is taken from their second EP, helpfully titled ‘Vol. 2’, which was released this week. It’s nice this, like an indie/pop/rock vibe. WLFPCK seem to be getting compared to The 1975 a lot, but they don’t rrrrrreally sound much like The 1975 - lazy comparison, I’d say.

‘Fire’ is one of my favourite tracks from Pvris' debut album ‘White Noise’. But what on earth is this video about? So there are obvious nods to the ‘St. Patrick’ video but it feels as though it was a rush job - especially seeing as we only just had the video for ‘White Noise’. There also seems to be a bit of speculation that we may be seeing videos for each track from the album but for a band like PVRIS, I’m not sure why. Anyway, ignore the video, the track is a solid 9/10.

Kiiara just dropping and spitting fire like you would not believe, it’s getting hot in here. ‘Tennessee’ follows up swiftly on last month’s ‘Gold’ which spread like absolute wildfire. It’s not only Kiiara making these tracks as great as they are, Felix Snow’s production is absolutely on point throughout. I’ve also just read that Kiiara’s about to put out her debut EP which is pretty darn exciting.

Let’s, for the meantime, pretend that it’s not proper dreary outside, let’s pretend it is actually summer and we all actually want to have the greatest vibe. Netsky with a little help from Digital Farm Animals is gonna get you there. I’m not mad into this kinda thing but I know a solid drum ‘n’ bass song when I hear it, and this is one of those.

Throwback Thursday
Way back in 2006 with the release of ‘Over and Over’, I just didn’t get it, Hot Chip just didn’t look like a cool new band and I think at 13 years old you base a lot of your opinions on image. Almost ten years on I now know much better. I have always enjoyed ‘One Life Stand’ though, so that’s the song I’ve picked.

DEBUT SINGLE KLAXON. Not a write up about this track I've read so far has failed to mention Mabel’s parents, Neneh Cherry and Cameron McVey. Hell, they even get promoted as similar accounts when you follow Mabel on Twitter. *Stoner voice* but it’s, not about that man, it’s about the music. Putting aside all things of this nature, ‘Know Me Better’ is a stunning debut pop/R’n’B track in its own right.

‘Throne’ is a categorically better song than ‘Happy Song’. A lot of people are throwing around the idea that it sounds a lot like Linkin’ Park, which is fine. Jordan Fish’s heavy influence on ‘Throne’ is undeniable but it works, although I’m sure some ROCK fans won’t be happy that the “rock” elements do get a little lost in the chorus. The album’s out soon, that should be good.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Darwin Deez ‘Radar Detector’/’Constellations’ era but sort of lost interest in the interim between then and now. ‘Time Machine’ feels like a more mature continuation of the material featured on his debut album. This track is definitely the one to appeal to the masses, both fans old and new.

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Sunday 19 July 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #28

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Spontaneous shows are going to be my new thing. I've decided that this week.And I don't know how long I'll be spontaneous for but it's nice to try things isn't it? This week so far has comprised of two release shows - The Gospel Youth's London EP release show and Prides' London album release show. Both were mildly spontaneous events for me. And I enjoyed them both. I also had a complete brainwave for a new WIIHAMB feature that will probably never see the light of day but it's nice to think that it might.

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The cool thing about this whole blogging thing, well one of the cool things, is recognising names that a muggle eye wouldn’t bat its lid at. That was a weird sentence. But essentially I first posted M. Maggie back in January, her collaboration with Black Coast, ‘Enough’. New York based Maggie Miller is now back again with a new solo track ‘Did It For U’, with Lucian on the production. It’s a nice little pop ditty this one.

A week later I am still very unsure about posting ‘Happy Song’. In essence, this is a good song but there are a couple of things that it could have done without. Firstly, the cheerleaders, nobody needs cheerleaders anymore because it’s 2015. Secondly, the swears in the chorus are not only just simply unnecessary but they’re also pretty annoying when it comes to the whole radio edit thing. But hey, they’ve got to ensure people still believe they’re a rock band one way or another. But 'Happy Song' has allowed me to fall uncontrolably in love with Vlogasaurus182.

Following up from the incredible ‘Wonder Woman’, Lion Babe's new single ‘Impossible’ is more of an off-the-wall rollercoaster ride of a track than even I thought possible. It’s great though, catch me blaring this as loud as possible at every barbecue for the foreseeable future. There is still no goddamn lion emoji.

The Best Things In Life Are MPFree
I've been working on this post for so long, it's so nice to finally have it out there. I have curated a summary of all of the free music that I’ve featured on WIIHAMB so far this year. There are ten releases (kind of) in total that are all entiiirely different. Would be cool if you checked it out.

Throwback Thursday
This week I was searching for an all encompassing ultimate Pharrell playlist, too lazy to create my own, you know how it is. This playlist was brought to my attention and it’s absolutely incredible. A brilliant song featured on said playlist that I felt had fallen off the face of the earth is No Doubt’s ‘Hella Good’. Not one of the typical classics but definitely nothing other than a classic.

IJerry Williams is only 19 (I had no idea) and is from Portsmouth and is just the most charming indie pop princess to be that you’ll ever see live. ‘Cold Beer’ is a new song from her and it’s lovely - like one of those tracks that is impossible to dislike. ‘Cold Beer’ is taken from the forthcoming EP (released August 21st) of the same name which also features (my personal top favourite) ‘Boy Oh Boy’ and Jerry’s excellent cover of ‘Bump N Grind’.

I want to have the deepest and darkest relationship with this song. New York based Ari Leff AKA Lauv has created a track filled with sadness and packed with feels but in an ‘it’s okay to feel this way’ kind of way. Stand out lyric comes in the form of “now I’m full of rum and regret”. I think Lauv gets me.

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Wednesday 15 July 2015

The Best Things In Life Are Free

It's true right?

And me being me, obviously I don't mean happiness and love and boring stuff like that. I mean stuff that is good, that is usually not free but for whatever reason - the reason does not need to be explained - it is now free. THOSE ARE THE BEST THINGS.

I can't be the only person on the planet who walks into a supermarket and only leaves with a bag of items that were on offer, regardless of whether or not I needed them. What follows is like that, but in an audible rather than edible format. Which is almost as good.

I've put together a list of things that I have posted on What If I Had A Music Blog between January and June that have all been free. Everything that features from hereon in was obtained entirely legitimately yet with absolutely no cost. THE GREATEST.

Bumper WIIHAMB Curated Download

Everything in this section can be found in this sweet little Dropbox link - I may or may not adjust this link/file-hosting at some point.

Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment - Surf - Album/Mixtape

Chance The Rapper's 2013 mixtape Acid Rap did not fail to deliver, and two years on we've been treated to another mixtape heavily featuring the work of the Chicago rapper. With "tapes" like this I'm always prepared for a bit of filler with a selection of gold thrown in. Jumping straight in, kind of, second track 'Slip Slide' is a great example of the gold on this release, featuring none other than Busta Rhymes alongside B.O.B and Janelle Monae. The album overall focuses on The Social Experiment's trumpet player, Donnie Trumpet, brought to the forefront of our attention on tracks like 'Nothing Came To Me'. My personal highlight on the record is 'Wanna Be Cool', starring Big Sean and Jeremih. The songwriters and featured artists on this tape read like a who's who of hot artists in this "scene" at the moment. Late 2014 single 'Sunday Candy' is another stand out towards the end of the album which focuses a lot more on Chance than a lot of the other tracks, along with Jamila Woods' stunning vocals on the hooks. There's something for everybody on Surf and you can get it now for freeee. You can actually download this directly from the iTunes store if you're in the US, still for absolutely nothing. [Download 'Surf']

Cathedrals - Blush EP

Last year San Fransisco duo Cathedrals released their debut self-titled five track EP. This year they released it again but with each track remixed by different artists and this time it's called the Blush EP. I think it's really interesting to hear five different artists/collaborators interpret tracks from the same artist in five completely contrasting ways. 'OOO AAA' on the original EP is probably my favourite track but I also absolutely love this Tunji Ige remix. It gives the track a much darker overall feel which is impressive in itself and Tunji Ige's additional vocals throughout as well as his rap are really nice additions. Tasty Treat's remix of 'Want My Love' is also GR8. The electronic duo have stripped the track back almost entirely and added a hell load of bass but by keeping the vocals pretty much in tact it's almost as if this could be the original version. [Download 'Blush']

Dae Zhen - B Sides

I love Dae Zhen. This B Sides EP came a little bit out of nowhere for me back in March, and it just so happened that I was in the right place at the right time to take notice of it's release. I've said this a billion times but I'm really into Dae Zhen's vocals, like on the chorus of 'Everything Is Everything', they're refreshing and genuinely good unlike a lot of other hip hop floating about. The following track on the EP 'Cliche' is a stark contrast to 'Everything Is Everything's #chillvibes with a much more straight up hip hop feel. There are a couple of subtle lyrical references on B Sides to lyrics on Dae Zhen 'Women & Wordplay' album which he released last year which is also totally free and you can get here. I love things like this, references that make you feel like you're in an elite club because you sort of half think you understand where they're coming from. I'm really stoked for a Dae Zhen release that I'm actually forced to pay for, he really deserves my money, and yours too. [Download B-Sides]

The Autumn Ravine - A Little Sleep

I'll be honest, The Autumn Ravine make straight up rock music and it's defintitely not groundbreaking stuff. But this Kent quartet have the potential to be huuuge. 'A Little Sleep' is a perfect example of what this band are capable of. I can't explain or describe why I want to back this song so much, I don't know what it is but it's just refreshing to hear an objectively good and, for want of a much better word, simple rock song. The single also comes with B side 'I Won't Hold You Down' which is unfortunately not as good, but it's not bad, it's just not as good, and that's a shame but it's okay, everything is okay because 'A Little Sleep' is incredible. [Download A Little Sleep]

Huntar - Autumn and Bittar Mixtape

I am a very big fan of Huntar, just generally. Recent single 'Autumn' (which is now actually available on stores and stuff but is also still free) is a pretty nice little showcase of what Huntar and his music are all about. Also available for free is the Bittar Mixtape. A really similar idea to the Cathedrals Blush EP, Bittar is a string of new versions of the four tracks that featured on Huntar's 2014 Bitter EP, remixed by numerous different humans.  The mixtape kicks off with (then) new track 'Hold On' featuring Eagles For Hands before diving into Youngs Teflon's take on 'Expectations'. 'Expectations' blends in an absolutely seamlessly into 'All That I Want', remixed by now "touring member" of Huntar, FTSE. A really noteworthy point about this mixtape is that it sounds as if all of these tracks were made to fit together, which they probably were, but the original tracks I mean, it all just sort of works. [Download Autumn and Bittar]

Leks Rivers - Parlour Games

I'm not even sure what genre to begin to describe Leks Rivers as being mildly related to. I guess 'Parlour Games' is kind of electronic but R'n'B but loads of other stuff. And things that you can't just slot into boxes or whatever are the best right? I think the coolest thing about this too is it's something I'd typically expect to come out of someone in the US, opposed to a guy in his early 20s from London. Anyway, this is free, and sick, and Leks Rivers is someone I'm excited about. [Download Parlour Games]

Teischa - Couldn't Care Less and Trick of the Light

I think 'Couldn't Care Less' is the track I've posted most recently out of everything featured here. Two really nice pure alt/pop tracks from young Australian Teischa. 'Couldn't Care Less' has one of the catchiest hooks I think I've heard this year, one of those tracks that you just want to stick on repeat for the rest of ever. 'Trick of the Light' is a further showcase of Teischa's songwriting finesse and her stunning vocals. [Download 'Couldn't Care Less' and 'Trick of the Light']

Things That Are Also Free

What follows are a few more free releases that I didn't include in the bumper download. This is because these are things you do have the option to pay for or the artiste wants you to just give them your email address in exchange for the free stuff - a small price to pay.

Scott Quinn - Lust Game EP

Scott Quinn's 'Lust Game' EP was one of the first indie/unsigned releases I got into this year, and it was after hearing 'I'm In Love' on radio 1. After searching for the track online for few days I was so ecstatic that it was part of a six track EP. Beyond ecstatic. F
or a debut, this release is pretty stunning, especially as it is what it is, a nice bit of pop RnB. There isn't a bad track by any means but the title track and 'The City' are definitely standouts for me. I guess it's just time to sit back and patiently await some new material...

Samm Henshaw - Redemption

Have you heard anyone with a voice like this producing songs like 'Redemption' at twenty years of age? No, you haven't. 'Redemption' is packed full of soul and gospel and all sorts of nods and influences. It's essentially four minutes worth of pure genius. And this isn't a one off, all of Samm Henshaw's tracks sound this incredible. His debut EP is set for release at the start of August and you should be as excited for it as I am.

My Little Empire Records - New Emperors

I was sent this compilation through rrrrrrright at the start of the year so it may be the last release featured in this post but it was probably the first I heard. My Little Empire Records formed right at the end of 2014 and their mammoth 19-track long New Emperors sampler was released to celebrate the label's launch. Yeah, you read right, nineteen entire tracks. So naturally, you won't like everything on it, I don't like everything on it, BUT THERE ARE SOME THINGS I LOVE ON IT. Opening track 'Gold Dust' from Sykes is great, Tenterhook's 'Stereo' is as equally GREAT. And tracks from other artists you haven't heard of like Our Mother, We Came From Wolves and Heath are also really good. There's something on here for everyone and hell, if you only like a couple of track, who cares, it was free anyway!

I hope this has been nice and insightful. I'd hope to see you all back here for another instalment in about six months time!

Sunday 12 July 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #27

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Yo, I don't really have much, if anything to report this week. I've been pretty slack on pretty much every aspect of my existence which definitely includes this blog. I saw the Minions movie, tried this month's Honest Burger special and saw Leon Bridges for free at Notting Hill Arts Club but that's pretty much it. The majority of this weekend was/will be spent with me being sad that I'm not at 2000 Trees. I'll get over it... eventually.

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‘Landslide’ is the 11th track we’ve heard from Oh Wonder. They only have one more before they’ve completed their year long musical release journey which will then be followed by the official album release on 4th September. I like ‘Landslide’, one of those songs where absolutely everybody can relate to the lyrics in one way or another. The best bit about the album is that as well as including the 12 tracks we’ll have already heard by then, ‘Oh Wonder’ includes another three brand new tracks!

So it’s becoming fairly evident that Alex Vargas is pretty incredible at this whole performing in a live setting thing. As you have the ability to read, this is obviously the London based singer-songwriter’s version of John Legend’s classic ‘Ordinary People’. Vargas has put a really nice cvrr£nt spin on the track with some darker sounding electronicy bits and obviously his vocals give the song a slightly different edge. There’s actually a point here when I thought the song was going into the chorus of Jack Garratt’s ‘The Love You’re Given’. Which, after listening to both tracks, doesn’t seem that silly of an idea.

You may know by now that I don’t really deal in press releases; I much prefer to find and stumble upon things myself. This does however often leave me in sticky situations with artists I know nothing about collaborating with other artists I know nothing about. Parisian producer Twenty9 and Swedish singer/songwriter August Heldt and their track ‘Get It Over With’ is a pretty solid example of this. The song is a perfect slice of European R’n’B with some nice electronic twists and accents. ‘Get It Over With’ is also up for free download here and also features on the pair's new four track EP 'June Notes'.

I wasn’t really bothered about ‘Grow’, the title track to Frances’ debut EP, but ‘When It Comes To Us’ definitely ups the ante. I LOVE RITUAL. So that got me excited. Although I still don’t understand who or what Ritual is but I so totally do not care. This song has a lot more layers than the previous single, a much more electronicy feel and Frances and Ritual’s (for sake of this sentence we’ll pretend Ritual is a lone man) vocals work brilliantly together. The Grow EP was released on Friday, which is exciting with all that global release date stuff coming into play, isn’t it?!

Throwback Thursday
We’re all aware of The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’, right? Of course we are. Also on the band’s debut album ‘Conditions’ was ‘Science of Fear’. I much prefer ‘Science of Fear’, much much much prefer it in fact. At the time there was a Mistubishi

I made the error of not posting Martin Luke Brown's previous single 'Take Out Of Me'. I won’t be making the same mistake with ‘Scars On Scars’. The now London based singer/songwriter’s new single features so many different elements and layers and influences, MLB isn’t just another “singer/songwriter”. It doesn’t take more than a quick scroll through his Twitter feed to see that after two headline shows this week he also seems to be building a pretty nice live reputation for himself.

Debut singles are weird, especially with the way that blogs and the internet work in 2015 and we can see this with Danish trio Chinah’s debut single ‘Away From Me’. We never would have even known about their existence this quickly pre-blog era but now the blogosphere allows for it to spiral out of control. Fine’s vocals are definitely my favourite thing about ‘Away From Me’, they work perfectly on top of each aspect of the track.

July playlists so far: Updated shortly... I promise.

Sunday 5 July 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #26

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

This week has been HOT. In varying ways but mostly in terms of temperature. Hot. And obviously I have not enjoyed that in the slightest. Because of THE HEAT this week has been a bit of a blur. I attended the hottest (literally) show of my life - The Hell at The Black Heart, not even the vodka slushies could save me. Oh yeah, and that Apple Music thing launched. There should/will/probably/might be a thing about my experience with it up eventually, I don't know, we'll see. I've also started to write absolute nonsense to accompany the tracks I post... but it seems to be going down alright.

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This is weird right? Weird quirky backwards catchy excellence, right? Let me stress, this is the first track that Kiiara has put up online. Cool to hear the super tight production on ‘Gold’ courtesy of Felix Snow too. Peculiar pop is the future and the future is closing in.

In the R&B world, Justine Skye is hot on the heels of the likes of Tinashe and Kehlani as a much talked about female rising star. Skye has already collaborated with Tyga and this time she’s roped in Chicago rapper Vic Mensa to give new single ‘I’m Yours’ an extra lift. Definitely one to watch in the upcoming months.

June Round-Up It's that time again for the old monthly round-up. There's actually a crazy weird amount of different stuff and loads of good albums. Loads. And gigs, I was busy in June. Really busy.

The second time I’ve posted Wolfie and the second time one of her songs has been captioned with absolute madness. I can only put it down to my brain being fried by the heat. If you want something to listen to whilst you melt, Wolfie’s new track ‘Come Over’ is probably your best bet. I had some vision, probably saw it as a mirage of what the video for 'Come Over' would be like. Essetially, it’s like Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’ video but like a billion times cooler because it’s more urban, Lana isn’t whining and there are cocktails.

Throwback Thursday
‘Girlfriend’ seems like an obvious choice, but in all honesty, it’s her best single post-‘Let Go’ but ‘Complicated’ and ‘Sk8er Boi’ are even more obvious. Avril Lavigne was everything that myself and some of my friends wanted to be growing up. EVERYTHING. Which is funny looking back, because some of the stuff that we were really into isn’t actually that great. Anyway, here we are, half way through 2015 and ‘Girlfriend’ still sounds incredible and the video is still PERFECT.

I absolutely love the chorus in ‘Look The Other Way’, it’s outstanding, it just sounds so classic and pure. The verses took a little longer to grow on me, I found myself not really paying that much attention to them because I was just waiting for that chorus to come back round again. I don’t know what it is but there’s something so timeless about this track. I’d like to hope that everybody on the planet will be listening to ‘Look The Other Way’ for the rest of ever.

Brawlers' debut album ‘Romantic Errors of Our Youth’ does not sound like what I thought Brawlers sounded like. ‘Annabel’ is the album opener and you know what? IT’S GREAT. 10/10. And even though it only clocks in at 1 minute and 47 seconds long, it’s JUST right. I've also decided that they seem like nice guys.

Who knew there was amazing electronic stuff was coming out of Wales? Not me. And I don’t mean to sound patronising towards Wales in the slightest, but seriously, I assumed XY&O were American. I don’t feel like there’s that much music of this “genre” which is of this quality that comes out of the UK, so XY&O are pretty exciting. ‘Lights On’ is hands down tune of the summer material - good catchy vibes.

There’s something about Jess Glynne’s voice where you can just stick it on top of an electronic track and it sounds incredible. I don’t know how or why but it’s just what happens. This is more than evident just looking at the tracklisting for the deluxe edition of her debut album. It’s as though 'I Cry When I Laugh’ is already a ‘Best Of...’ album. Anyway, ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ is her greatest solo single to date, which makes it mindblowingly catastrophically huge.

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