Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The Great Escape 2019 Quick Clashless Guide

Now I've started this I really hope I finish before Wednesday. We all know I hate writing but too much time has been put into going through this year's line-up for it to go to waste. And so, here is your quick but still relatively clashless guide to The Great Escape 2019. You'll note that whilst Friday is the fuller more typical guide, Thursday and Saturday are kinda just highlights that don't clash.

It is going to rain, you will need a cagoule, and it's going to be chilly, you'll probably need a jumper or a hoodie under that cagoule. Don't say you were not warned.


12:30 - Haviah Mighty - Marine Room
14:00 - Bad Child - Green Door Store
15:30 - Jack Vallier - Three Wise Cats
19:15 - Kiana Lede - Shooshh
20:15 - L Devine - Deep End
21:30 - Sam Tompkins - Patterns Downstairs
22:15 - BAILEN - Jubilee Square
23:15 - blackwave - Green Door Store
00:30 - AJ Tracey - Komedia

Emily Burns is also knockin about at 20:30 Downstairs in Patterns and actuall if you for some reason still haven't seen her yet, I'd maybe suggest you do that instead of the above.


13:00 - Emiko - Patterns Downstairs
13:45 - Squid - Hideout
14:30 - OTEO - Patterns Upstairs
15:40 - Gigi Lo - Patterns Downstairs
17:30 - Valeras - Ditto Stage
19:15 - Kian - One Church
20:15 - Winston Surfshirt - Green Door Store
21:15 - Still Woozy - The Arch
22:15 - Friendly Fires - Deep End / Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - Old Market
23:15 - Balcony - Komedia Studio Bar
00:15 - Briet - Latest Music Bar
01:00 - Marged - Patterns Upstairs
02:00 - Jarreau Vandal (DJ set) - Komedia

Honestly, please fucking see Valeras. The five of them have a combined age of about seven and they're so sick. If both Friendly Fires and Frank Carter are too much of a trek for you, Children of Zeus play at The Arch also at 22:15.


12:30 - Cassyette - Horatios
13:00 - Shaded - Volks
14:00 - Superlove - Volks
15:20 - Dirty Radio - Green Door Store
19:30 - Olivia Nelson - The Arch
21:15 - Injury Reserve - Patterns Downstairs


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