Thursday 28 July 2016

Everyone Leaves - Tired Life / The Lonely End

I really like Everyone Leaves but they're a band I'm finding really hard to stay on top of, which is totally on me because they aren't even doing an obscene amount of things. It's just every time I turn around to talk about them I seem to be three months behind and they've already moved on to something new. And I'm sure they don't mind... well, I'd like to hope that they don't mind and from hereon in I'll endeavour to be better.

A few weeks ago the five piece released a video for their song 'Tired Life'. 'Tired Life' actually first appeared on a split Everyone Leaves have with Hot Mulligan which they put out around the time I first posted about them so everything's kind of convoluted. BUT this video is new(ish) so let's talk about that. It's a simple vibe, and all the best videos are. When I posted 'Seasonal Affective' I didn't realise that an entire 3/5ths of this band's members do singing (although now it's super obvious) so that makes for quite a nice dynamic on 'Tired Life', you know, transitionally, it really works. 'Tired Life' is kinda melancholy but Everyone Leaves seem to have an ability to do lyrics about sad things but build the rest of their songs up to be bouncy enough for you not to notice the "deeper meaning" and I'm totally cool with that.

The band also recently put out a song called 'The Lonely End' which features on Little Heart Records' 2016 compilation and oh my goodness I don't know if I've told the WIIHAMBosphere how much I dig samplers and compilations, but I love them so much. I can't understand why all labels don't do them because with so many people using streaming platforms you've got so little to lose. 'The Lonely End' verges on more Knuckle Puck-esque-like-similar pop punk whilst retaining something kind of unique to them, but it's still definitely well good. I just read that Everyone Leaves have an EP on the way, so that's good, I'm sure that will be nice to listen to.

Monday 25 July 2016

Girls Girls Girl Part Three: Banks - Fuck With Myself

Banks must be the most inoffensive, unintrusive and legit artist out there. Man, like she releases an album in 2014 (it was one of my top ten) and then she goes about her shit for a couple of years, does this, does that and then returns with an absolute banger. All music-types should be Banks. Well, not actually be Banks, but be like Banks because she has got all of this so right.

'Fuck With Myself' is the anthem that we've been waiting for from Banks. I think a lot of people could have dropped off if her new material looked to be a straight continuation of Goddess, dark, brooding, generally quite melancholy, but this is a whole new ball game. Banks has always felt kind of untouchable, to me she has anyway, like some kind of higher being that's a hell load better than the majority of the rest of us. And in light of that, it's no wonder that she fucks with herself more than anybody else, because why would you even bother with anybody else?

The video for 'Fuck With Myself' is just as weird as you'd want it to be, featuring loads of Banks' and actual Banks just fucking with herself really because what else would you expect? I can not wait to hear more from her and her upcoming second album. You know how much of a staple in everybody's life Banks is? 102 people I follow on Twitter as WIIHAMB also follow Banks. That's pretty cool. Hope they're all as stoked as I am.

Thursday 21 July 2016

Girls Girls Girls Part Two: Dagny and Abra

Double whammy on a Thursday.

Dagny feat Børns - Fool's Gold

Dagny is straight up one of pop music's brightest hopefuls at the moment, and after her stellar single 'Backbeat' was rammed down our throats for almost a year, we've finally been treated to something new by way of 'Fool's Gold'. It's all we could have wanted and more; singalong bits, "ooh ooh ooh" bits, dancey bits, and Børns - which is a bit of a peculiar collaboration but no one's really complaining are they? And it does work. I've seen Dagny live twice this "summer" already too and she's super fun and likeable in really life which is something that always works in a popstar-to-be's favour, isn't it? Dagny is absolutely stunning too so I guess if she ever needed something to boost her greatness any more, there's that.


I think I first heard Abra on the radio... and that's not really something I say often anymore. Regardless, I definitely ain't mad. Whilst writing this, I've decided that Abra is actually a legit cross between FKA Twigs and Kelela, literally if you put those two into a pot and gave it a good stir, Abra would pour out and it's just as glorious as it sounds. 'Crybaby' is a song so good that it's fairly tricky to describe in an articulate fashion using words that can be found in the English dictionary. And it doesn't stop at this track either; her new EP Princess is probably my favourite release of the month and I may or may not write something about that when the end of next week rolls around. Must say that I'm absolutely gutted I missed seeing her in London last week too. I can only imagine that it was magical.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Girls Girls Girls Part One: Kloe - UDSM

You remember Kloe, right? She's not easily forgotten.

In fact, the last time I saw Ms Latimer she definitely didn't see me. (THAT'S FUNNY BECAUSE IT'S LIKE A PUN, DO YOU GET IT? GOOD. IF NOT, IT'LL MAKE SENSE, HOLD ON.) That's because we were at The Great Escape, and Kloe was absolutely steaming, which apparently means drunk and not angry, which is what it sounds like it should mean. After coaxing Chris from The Metaphorical Boat down to see her set and then being told by a friend (Ross, for namecheck's sake) just how drunk Kloe was, I was anxious. If there's one thing I'll never doubt again it's a Scot's ability to perform when they're absolutely gazeboed.

Since then Kloe's been on tour across Europe with Charlie Puth and is finally serving up some post-Teenage Craze millennial pop. That kind we've all been waiting for. I wonder if Kloe's getting bored of the word 'millennial' yet. Either way, I'm really stoked because I think Kloe is pretty great both as a human and as an artiste. Her "no filter"ness is becoming a pretty frequent talking point but it's so true and it's cool that there are people in this "industry" who are young and relevant and aren't afraid to just say what they want about things without feeling like their label or PR or whatever won't like it.

'UDSM' (AKA You Don't See Me) is the first of a two part... what's the word for trilogy but two? Duology? It is now. 'UDSM' is the first of a two part duology from Kloe. (The second part is 'Liability' and I assumed that was coming first, I don't know why, I just did, anyway, it's not.) (Also, the phrase "three part trilogy" is ridiculous because obviously a trilogy is three parts.) If you were into 'Teenage Craze', which it's obviously impossible not to be, 'UDSM' is a very similar vibe in terms of catchy/dancyness but with a subtly dark streak running through it. The video's quite a good inspired-by-real-events depiction too, and this Popjustice interview about the video specifically is excellent. My personal video highlight is the bit where Kloe snorts fake coke off the floor.

I will say, I do have one qualm with 'UDSM' though. Why is the 'U' a 'U'? Because really either it should be 'YDSM' or it should be 'UDCM' but it's neither of those things and it makes no sense. *Insert distressed emojis here*

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Every Time I Die - The Coin Has A Say

Over the past year or so I've really rekindled my love for Every Time I Die. I was probably 14 years old or so when I first heard 'Champing At The Bit' and it was a couple of years later when I really got into 'The New Black'. I never bought an Every Time I Die album back then but they were always a band I kind of respected, and no matter what I was into they always found a way to worm themselves back into my life; first with 'We'rewolf' and then far more recently with 'Decayin' With The Boys'.

I only saw Every Time I Die live for the first time last year when they supported Architects on their UK tour. It's obviously cool that ETID are still around in 2016 considering how long they've been a band for and how frequently bands are forced to break up and go on hiatuses of varying lengths. Although I can't help but think that they're a band who should have the likes of Architects and Bury Tomorrow supporting them, not the other way round. However, like I said, I'm grateful that they're still around and still churning out absolute bangers.

'The Coin Has A Say' is the first song to be taken from ETID's forthcoming millionth (read: eighth) studio album Low Teens; the European indie record store vinyl version of which is purple and looks so cool but I'm too scared to pre-order because what if I don't like it?! Anyway, I heard 'The Coin Has A Say' for the first time at Camden's Underworld amidst ETID's run of Slam Dunk and London sweatbox shows at the end of May. It's hard to tell, if you're me and know very little about hardcore, if new songs are actually good or actually sound good in a live setting like that, so there I was sitting around waiting for some studio versions. Lo and behold, it's here (and has been for ages) and it sounds absolutely incredible. ETID are a band who stay true to the metal meets hardcore they've always been making but manage to sound equally as relevant to where punk and hardcore stand today.

Can not wait for a sweet Every Time I Die weekender when December rolls around.

Monday 18 July 2016

Slackerpop Part Three: Azekel, Lauv, Big Wild

Slackin' all over the world. Here are some songs from last month.

Azekel: Linger

I don't always like Azekel's tracks, but when I do, I really do. The last time I posted Azekel was when I heard 'Holy Matrimony' two years ago and then I wasn't so keen on anything in between then and now. But now, hold the fuck up this guy's from London?!?!?! I always assumed Azekel was American. No, this has done me in. I don't know where to go from here. I said this before about someone else, but I just never expect stuff like this to come out of the UK, which is obviously a ridiculous train of thought but one my brain follows regardless. If you like Gallant, you'll like this, basically, it's very good.

Lauv feat Travis Mills - Question

I don't really know where this song came from or where I stumbled across it, but I've liked Lauv since like the start of last year? I just get really hung up on the fact he never replies to me on Twitter, but with songs like this it's something I can overlook. Ari Leff just seems to have a thing for writing really good pop songs and 'Question' is no different. I've never really been a fan of feat artist Travis Mills, but I think he actually works quite nicely on this, talking about generic "LA girls" and that. Also this song's outro is something dreams are made of.

Big Wild feat Tove Styrke - Aftergold

I've missed my second favourite Tove, probably more than I currently miss my favourite Tove, so it's nice to see and hear her on this Big Wild track. I did a little bit of research (lol, research, read: I went on the 'About' tab of his Facebook page) and Big Wild is a producer based in LA who seems to have a penchant for very lovely looking music videos because some of the scenes in this 'Aftergold' video look absolutely stunning. And Tove looks like she's having a pretty nice time too. The track is a pretty, feel-good summer vibe as well, which is fitting for this three day heatwave the UK is experiencing.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Remixing Bowl: Chinah, Kill J, morgxn

Oh would you look at that, it's mid-July and here's my first post of the month. Literally who do I think I am?

Chinah - 1 Thing

Remember Chinah? Of course you do. How could anybody forget about my favourite Danish three-piece? About a month ago this video of Chinah covering Amerie's golden one hit wonder '1 Thing' surfaced pon de internet. You see though, from the introduction, you'd never have guessed. Chinah manage to make everything just sound so utterly their own, so much so that if it weren't for the lyrics, the actual cover could have been a mystery to us all. Guitarist Simon Kjær's and do-er of electronics and keys Simon Andersson's instrumentation and general putting-togetherness of this cover is so clean, tight, and impressive, not to mention Fine Glindvad's absolutely perfect vocals over the top. Damn, I love Chinah.
Also, Alex Vargas did a cover of my favourite Beyonce song for DR Output a few months ago, that's good too. You can watch it here.

KILL J - You're Good But I'm Better (Jaramix feat Marc E. Bassy)

Oh would you look who it isn't, Jarami doing an excellent remix for about the millionth (read: third) time this year. Apparently I've never posted Kill J before but I thought I'd posted a remix last year or something, alas, I did not. I'm not sure how much I like Kill J as an artiste in her own right but people seem to remix her stuff and I seem to be into that so... I really like that Jarami bring in other humans to feature on their remixes too. In the least insulting way possible Marc E. Bassy's Bieber-esque vocals lend themselves to this track really nicely. Such a summery vibe, damn. I just want Jarami to remix everything ever because there is zero doubt in my mind that they would enhance absolutely every song ever.

morgxn: love you with the lights on (monsieur adi remix)

First of all, I am moderately offended by the lack of capital letters but I am willing to respect ol' morgxn's wishes and throw grammar right out the window. So Popjustice posted this a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was really good and then I wasn't sure about how good it was and now I've decided that I do actually quite like it. 'love you with the lights on' is very Years & Years, which is definitely alright if you like Years & Years and are bored of them releasing every track off their debut album as a single a year on from the album's release date. Also, this Monsieur Adi remix is way better than the original but Monsieur Adi is, and has always been, great, so why wouldn't it be?

Tuesday 5 July 2016

June 2016 - Things I Didn't Miss (Kinda)

June Playlists: Spotify / Deezer

Hi, I'm the worst, and this is going to get out of hand and really late if I leave this any longer.

So basically, what follows is a visual representation of albums and EPs that I've enjoyed over the past month.