Saturday 9 August 2014

Redfest 2014

I can't begin to explain to anyone how much Redfest means to my friends and I. Consistent line-ups crammed with upcoming and unsigned bands spanning genres far and wide. And Redfest 2014 was no different. This year, I saw a lot less than normal, but it's safe to say that the majority of what I did see was excellent.

Aurora were second to grace the Total Uprawr stage this weekend and by jove did that grace it well. Jess made her way down to the floor in an attempt to get the early ever-growing crowd going. Her range of vocals seemed to get quite a few attendees pretty intrigued too. Shortly after leaving Aurora, the heavens opened but the rain didn't stop The Lafontaines on the main stage. Driving for around 16 hours down from Glasgow to Surrey The Lafontaines were my highlight of the weekend. Their hip hop rock fusion is enough to get anyone moving even if it was still tipping it down. Friday night headliners Skindred, although being a slightly strange choice, played all of 'the hits' and pumped everybody up ready for the night ahead at the infamous Silent Disco.

Starting early on the Saturday, Southampton's Our Hollow, Our Home got things going on the Total Uprawr stage but it was maybe just a bit too early for the circle pits they desired. Coasts always sound so tight live and Redfest was no different. Their up-beat indie tracks had the crowd dancing and singing along especially to the likes of 'Oceans' and 'Golden City'. My biggest regret was not going to watch High Tyde, I could hear them from the box office and they sounded great, so that's kind of alright I guess. The Blackout closed the Total Uprawr stage for the weekend and got the party started (see what I did there) good and proper. The highlights of their set were definitely 'Higher & Higher' and 'Save Our Selves'.

Redfest is always a great weekened and I genuinely don't know anyone who has been and not had a good time. We're not sure about Redfest's fate but it would absolutely kill us not to see Redfest to return next year. It's so important to support small local festivals like this because without the attendees, they're nothing. The team around us work so hard throughout the year and then a billion times harder during the weekend. Huge shout out to Heart, Heather, Marianne, Fiona, our all-time favourite raver Harry and of course the incredible Matt. Thanks for everything and we hope to see you next year!

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