Saturday, 1 July 2017

Some of June's Releases Today

In an extremely sad and upsetting state of affairs, my Last Week's Releases Today post from last week literally disappeared as I was adding in the formatting on Friday morning. So I'm not sure at this point how much of that I'll re-write but I guess we'll soon see.

By far my favourite albums from the week before last were Hey Monday's debut From The Outside and Broadside's sophomore album Paradise. I absolutely hated Lorde's Melodrama and I'm finding it hard to fathom how and why people think it's so excellent. I mean, maybe I just need to give it more time but that's literally the last thing I want to give it. The Big Boi and Portugal. The Man albums were both extremely disappointing. The Terror Jr album is everything you'd expect a second Terror Jr album to be and it's not overwhelmingly good. The ol' Nickelback album is a real gem though, I enjoyed that, and you should too.

Last week was possibly the slowest music week ever so there's not much to report apart from the new album from Captain We're Sinking, that's good. Imagine Dragons' Evolve was a surprise hit and VERITE's debut had some good pop cuts on it too.


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  2. Oh oh, why would you hate it so much. Well everyone has a different taste in music so maybe it is not as per your choice..

  3. Sorry I posted something wrong! Anyway i said i loove your blog, and i wish i could have one but i started mine (well opened it) but i never kept up with it because of school and well i just never did hahaha. My cousin also has a blog and she posted about this girl. Have you heard her? It kind of reminds me of katy perry/taylor swift early beginnings. anyway please post more, and if you have more music or new artist put them up, i love hearing new things before they blow up!

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