Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Last Week's Releases Today: Never Fake Nice

Wow so literally nobody is reading these. Anyway, humans released some songs I actually liked this week which was good of them to do. Let's get into it.

Last year when Harrison Brome released 'Body High' I commended his ability to sing the word "pussy" in the first verse and not make me recoil in horror. I thought this might be a one off but this man could possibly be the only man on the planet who doesn't repulse me by singing about sex. I implore you to also not be offended in the slightest by his new single '9 to 5'. Another track that I definitely had the potential to hate is Johnny Balik's 'Honey'. I don't know what kept me from skipping over this in the first minute but somehow this faux folk pop song goes in a subtle direction away from the Anthony and the Johnson's norm I was expecting. Mad impressed with everything that happens on 'Honey'.

'Fake Nice', the new single from The Aces, is quite good. The Aces actually sound quite like Friends but a bit more indie and a bit less synth. I should have got myself more hype over what they were doing last year, but I'm here for it now. Let's chat about a couple more bands/groups since we're here. Teenage Wrist who I have literally never heard of before put out a track called 'Dweeb' and I am now fully hype. It's extremely rare that I care for rock music at this point in my life so I'm quite pleased to have stumbled upon something I like the sound of so much. They have an album on the way soon, I think, maybe I read that somewhere? I want to say March but I'm not sure. The Age Of L.U.N.A. are back again, which I really admire. Their new single is called 'Maybe Yeah' and it's such a chill R&B meets hip hop masterclass; I am a fan.

I'm sure we're all very grateful that the new Justin Timberlake album is now imminent so the confusion about the Man Of The Woods era can finally be put to bed after the release of last week's third and final pre-album single 'Say Something' with country man Chris Stapleton. It's actually fine but what the hell is going on? In other instant grat news there is another track from Jonny Craig's Slaves (US) titled 'I Know a Lot of Artists'. It's a bit better than the previous song we were drip fed and I'll be honest I am looking forward to the release of their forthcoming album in a fortnight's time.

The final four... all collaborations weirdly. This Zedd single featuring Grey and Maren Morris, 'The Middle', is good but it does maybe sound a bit too similar to 'Stay' and if you told me that the vocals were actually Alessia Cara again I probably wouldn't bat an eyelid. Tom Misch and Loyle Carner are back together again on 'Water Baby'. I generally just don't really get on with Loyle Carner's vocal but I'm a fan of this track. Tom Misch is good and is actually at a fairly unbelievable level of popularity generally. Shallou and Riah (nope, me neither) have done a nice little collab on a track called 'Lies'. Joel Baker has unleashed the full studio version of 'Worry About Me' which is good apart from the Sneakbo verse which I really hate. Baker continues to be one of the best songwriter storytellers of our generation, however, and for that I am pleased.

Wow look we made it through January and albums were trash literally the whole time. Over 'em to be honest.

All the songs I've mentioned can be found in my Keep It 2018 playlist here and below.


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