Wednesday 18 June 2014

Do It Over, It's Eez-Eh

You may have spotted a synopsis of this post on WIIHAMB's Twitter a few weeks ago, but I feel as though this is a matter that deserves a post of it's own post.

Last week saw Kasabian release their fifth studio album '48:13'. Yes, their fifth album. Believe it or not (you should, it's a fact), breakout single 'Club Foot' was released over ten years ago.

The lead single from the new album is the peculiarly titled 'eez-eh'.

Eez-eh... Easy? Well, it probably was, wasn't it, Kasabian?

Below is a quick formula for just how (I am inclined to believe) Kasabian wrote 'eez-eh'.
For a more detailed outlook, please listen further.

Step 1)
Take unsuspecting Chemical Brothers club anthem 'Do It Again'.

Step 2)
Take geek-electro mob Hot Chip's better known single 'Over and Over'.

Interestingly, both steps so far have affiliations with EMI, but let's not get bogged down in details.

Step 3)
Divide step 1 by step 2.

The Result
A strangely familiar sounding 'eez-eh' as performed by Kasabian. (This we can definitely vouch for; not so sure about everything else.)

Feast your eyes and ears on the following:

So there we have it. If only A-Level maths had been that eez-eh.


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