Monday 9 June 2014

Slam Dunk South 2014

Originally I said that I would post about Slam Dunk in the June Round-Up... but that's ages away so Slam Dunk is getting its very own post.

We'll whizz past the packed train, long queue and downing a queue-made bottle of vodka and coke like a 15 year old and get straight to the good stuff.

Light You Up's perfect pop punk got our day off to a strong start  - we were still singing one of the new songs at 4 am on the train home. Canterbury are right at home over on the main stage with the ever-growing crowd in the palms of their hardworking hands. Decade have The Forum full to the bring for their half hour showcase of the best they have to offer. Matty Arsenault gets up close and personal during A Loss For Words' set which included 'Mount St Joseph' in commemoration of US Memorial Day. I Am The Avalanche were everything I could have hoped for although they lost a lot of their potential crowd to State Champs downstairs who had their room heaving and practically raining with crowdsurfers and flooded with finger-pointing. Back in The Forum, it took Zebrahead 35 minutes to get to 'Anthem' and when they did it was over in a heartbeat, disappointing after a two year wait to see them live.

Pit stop for food and some quality time in the line for the ATM.

Hit The Lights stuck to "the old stuff" for their set and it went down perfectly for everyone in the room. Meanwhile, letlive. are outside sounding huge and naturally Jason Butler's hanging off anything that's going. Everyone is entirely spoilt for choice when it comes to headliners tonight. 'Dirty Little Secret' was all we really needed from All American Rejects, the on-stage bravado was a bit much after that. My head was telling me Chiodos but my heart told me Bury Tomorrow - and I went with my heart. A stonker of a set featuring songs across all three albums, the only downside was the concrete - falling over on that wasn't the highlight of the day.

It was all over way too quickly if you ask us... is it SDF15 yet?!


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