Thursday, 12 May 2016

Hannah Jane Lewis - Why Start A War

Hannah Jane Lewis looks quite normal. She seems quite normal too, you know, from her Twitter and stuff. And that's cool. The unlikely future popstar is the most interesting of future popstars. But the long and short of it is, she comes across as the kind of human you could take down the pub and not be afraid to order a double vodka as your first drink in front of.

Anyway, YouTube is a strange place, I should know, FYI here is me doing a thing. (This is my day job, lolz.) So when little old me stumbles across little old Hannah's YouTube channel, I'm very "hold up, this chick has almost 6000 subs but only two videos? Something doesn't add up". But only twenty seconds of digging led me to Shaun Reynolds' channel who happens to be an 100k+ sub wielding human and also an associate of Lewis herself. Essentially, she's collabed on a load of his stuff and that's why she's big on the 'Tube.

One can only ride the covers train for so long though, and with that Hannah Jane Lewis has released her debut single 'Why Start A War' and you know what? It's really great. Although we are, as I've mentioned umpteen times, at a stage when even pre-debut single singles are absolutely outstanding. Whilst 'Why Start A War' may not be the most groundbreaking of pop songs ever, it still has all the vital signs that Lewis could make some serious waves in the UK's fairly saturated electro/pop market.

TL;DR: This is good; I want to hear more.


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