Thursday 31 July 2014

July Round-Up

Bastille and Kyla La Grange at Somerset House
I've lost my venue virginity twice with Bastille this year. First it was Alexandra Palace back in March and then this month, Somermet House. This particular show was part of Somerset House's Summer Series, a ten day long showcase of 20 acts both upcoming and established. Kyla La Grange floated on to the stage, dressed like some sort of cool mermaid for a surprisingly lengthy hour long set. Better known tracks including 'Cut Your Teeth' went down well with the ever-expanding crowd but maybe an hour was just a bit too long for an artist of Kyla's size. Bastille started their set with cheers, roars, shouts and screams from the audience, rattling through the likes of 'Bad Blood', 'Overjoyed' and the ever crowd-pleasing 'Flaws'. During Bastille's encore they were joined by my personal highlight of absolutely anything Ella Eyre to perform mixtape track 'No Angels' before closing their performance with number one single 'Pompeii'. Bastille really are a live force to be reckoned with.

Cher Lloyd - Sorry I'm Late

I've never really got Cher Lloyd before but goddamn 'Sorry I'm Late' is a perfect example of what a pop album should be. Every track is punchy and catchy, the ballads aren't boring, and the content all just seems quite real. Cher's definitely come along way since that God awful 'Swagger Jagger' single back in 2011. The only thing that does let this album down a tad is the entirely unnecessary T.I. feature on 'I Wish'. She was doing just fine without you mate.

High Tyde: Karibu 

I don't know what it is about this track that makes it so great. Maybe it's how carefree the lyrics are, or maybe it's that indie surf pop vibe or maybe it's the video's tour around Brighton. Who knows, who cares. High Tyde are great and that's the bottom line.

Years & Years: Take shelter
My mind is sufficiently blown every single time I hear this song. If ever there was an incredible amalgamation of genres rolled into 4 minutes, this is the perfect example. Years & Years have also just been announced as the main support for Clean Bandit's Autumn tour, so they must be good!

The Hell: Groovehammer
It's the mother fucking hell you dick. Coming in at 32 minutes long, The Hell have managed to create the best "what-should-I-listen-to-I-don't-know-this-will-do" album of all time... as long as you're into swearing and loud shouty stuff. But even if you don't there's still half an hour of pure amusement packed into The Hell's second full-length offering.

Dae Zhen: '94
Upon posting, I said something like this would be the best song I posted all month. And if it wasn't for Years & Years and High Tyde that would be very true. Regardless '94 still makes the top three. It's really refreshing when rappers sing their own choruses rather than drafting in others to make the hook hookier. This track is also up for free download along with the rest of Dae Zhen's album reet here.

Justifiable July Mentions:
  • Jungle - Jungle
  • That New Look butterfly skort
  • The Ark sale
  • Wireless Festival (Click here full the full review)
  • MXCI
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • The World Cup
  • Joel Compass - Natural Habitat
  • Tortilla
  • Roam, Light You Up, As It Is, Trash Boat at Garage, Islington
  • Flood Of Red at The Black Heart
  • Redfest (Full review will be posted next Wednesday, keep an eye out!)

Next month's round up will probably be a little bit different. I'll be out of the country for the last week of August. I'm hoping to put together a special summer round-up vlog but we'll see how things go. 

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