Tuesday 31 March 2015

March Round-Up

Last month I said that I felt as though February had flown by. In complete contrast, March seems to have lasted forever; not in a bad way, just in a so much has happened I can barely remember it all kind of way. So I'm going to attempt to sum up a lot of things in as concise a way as possible in what follows. Behold:

March Playlists

March Has Given Birth to 2015's Four (or maybe five) Greatest EPs

If you're even remotely interested pop music you'll be able to agree that the last few weeks have seen the release of four great EPs. I was originally going to post this as a separate entity but, surprise surprise, I never got around to it. There's obviously no need for anyone else to release an EP in 2015 now that these four are in the public domain. Now, I say four because at the time when this idea came to me MNEK's Small Talk EP was yet to surface. So for argument's sake, I thoroughly enjoyed his six track debut as well but unfortunately for him it just doesn't nicely fit the pattern that the other four do.

[And I'm afraid that it was at this point into writing this post that everything started crumbling around me in the most dramatic way possible. What follows may or may not be coherent and/or worth reading.]
  1. High Tyde - Fuzz
  2. Sunset Sons - The Fall Line
  3. Snakehips - Forever (Pt. II)
  4. Great Good Fine OK - 2M2H 
I'd love to write a little sentence or three on each of those, I really would, but if I'm honest, they're going to be in my top EPs of 2015 list at the end of the year anyway so why bother now? Instead I've put the four of them, which consist of four tracks each - so that's 16 altogether if multiplication isn't what you're into - in this nice little Deezer playlist. If you'd like a Spotify playlist of the same thing I'd suggest you make your own because it will be worth it.
Gig of the Month

I actually went to loads of stuff and places this month - what follows is an extremely jumbled paragraph about the majority of it. GO!

Leon Bridges at The Lexington was the first thing I did in March. If you've heard Leon Bridges before you can sort of imagine the affair. Himself and his band made you feel extremely under dressed but their flawless show set the audience at ease. Would see again but stupidly missed out on tickets to his Village Underground show. Years & Years' first of two headline shows at Heaven was far better than when I saw them back in January but a 45 minute headline set was a little disappointing. Disappointing even more so after how good Prides were in the same room a few weeks beforehand. There's a reason I didn't "beg press list" for Takedown Festival and it's because I knew that I wouldn't be able to write a full review on it. Overall, the music was entirely as you'd expect but The Hell and Moose Blood were standouts of the day. This was followed by two trips to Camden's Roundhouse, the first for the incredible Ella Eyre and then the second for an absolutely insane show from Every Time I Die and Architects. The Blackout's final London show was then followed by two dates of the Pure Noise Records Tour. I absolutely love watching both Light You Up and Hit The Lights live, and although the Brighton date wasn't as fun (by no fault of the bands themselves) as London I'm glad I didn't let the second date pass me by. It's a shame though, I definitely would have had Forever Came Calling opening but I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles. Finally, I haven't a clue who on earth would book Tove Lo for a show anywhere on a Monday night and with my day off today I feel like it's the weekend. A flawless set with great vocals, and as Amelia said, Tove Lo's set was filled with so much energy she'd be perfect for any festival.

Top Five Tracks of the Month


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