Sunday 22 March 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #11

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

I've been trying to live vicariously through everyone at SXSW this week, which seems to be about 80% of people on my Twitter feed. It's not really working but it is getting me more excited for The Great Escape in a couple of months! Brace yourselves because there is A LOT in this ICYMI, for whatever reason this week was crammed full of #sickbeats.

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Just ahead of the release of Great Good Fine Ok’s new EP ‘2M2H’ the duo have unveiled ‘Something To Believe In’. This 80′s infused slice of synth pop comes accompanied by some additional vocals from New York based artist St Lucia.

I know I’ve become accustomed to posting secretive artists but Maala is next level mysterious. This appears to be his first single and other than that there’s next to nothing about this guy online. But the track's a free download so go crazy.

You know sometimes things are so genuine and authentic that they take you a little while to get your head around? That’s kind of how I feel about London four-piece The Age Of L.U.N.A. ‘Six Feet Deep’ is chilled soulful hip hop tied together with Daniella Thomas’ soothing vocals on the chorus. This is an ensemble that make me really excited about a genre I’m usually not too fussed about.

Hands Like Houses have a new single, the first to be taken from their forthcoming third album, and it’s really good. Not much more to it really.

Debut singles are out of this world these days and that’s absolutely the case with New York based Ari Leff and his project Lauv. ‘The Other’ is stunning emotional pop/r’n’b that’s hard not to fall in love with or fall in love to.

I haven’t been paying attention to While She Sleeps for long but they seem to have completely honed in on what they’re good at and crammed it into their new album ‘Brainwashed’ which sees its release next week. ‘Our Legacy’ is a perfect example of this.

Throwback Thursday
Until today I had no idea that hot topic bad bitch Natalia Kills was previously little old Verbalicious from Bradford. When I was the ripe old age of 12 I couldn’t get enough of Natalia spitting sick rhymes and sporting ill hip hop threads. Ten years on, I still think the chorus is great but I can’t say much for her creative integrity as an artist.

Southern four-piece The Autumn Ravine have released their new single ‘A Little Sleep’ which could give even the likes of Mallory Knox a run for their money. The video for said single was filmed during the band’s set on a night supporting Lower Than Atlantis at the Tunbridge Wells Forum. Obviously I’ve saved the best thing until last: This single along with its B-side ‘I Won’t Hold You Down’ are available for freeeee on their Bandcamp.

Let’s be honest, frank and upfront about this. ‘All We’ve Ever Known’ contains a chorus catchier by far than any other song that has or will be released in 2015. Birmingham based Light You Up’s new single is the title (and best) track from their debut album released earlier this year. This is UK pop punk at its finest.

Dr Meaker may sound like one guy but in fact they are an eight piece dance extravaganza from Bristol. Their new single ‘Freaks’ blends classic drum n bass with chart-friendly pop which works exceedingly well. The addition of Londoner Sharlene Hector and her huge sounding vocals turn this track into an uplifting anthem.

This week Years & Years unveiled a whole load of things including the details of their debut album ‘Communion’, a load of live videos and a studio version of ‘Worship’. ‘Worship’ has been knocking around in the trio’s live set for a while now and it’s just as catchy as all of the previous singles we’ve heard.

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