Sunday 8 March 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #9

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

At time of posting I will be somewhere in Southampton attempting to recover from my third year at Takedown Festival. I've had quite a busy one this week with Leon Bridges (!!!) on Monday and then Years & Years on Thursday. Anyway, this show stops for no one, so leggo:

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I really want to get out of the habbit of posting similar tracks/songs by the same artists so soon after one another, but not before sharing another remixed Cathedrals track. I originally posted ‘Want My Love’ way back in July last year but it’s back again this time remixed by Tasty Treat and Black Monday.

Conor Maynard, WIIHAMB, are you sure? Yes, yes I am sure. Conor Maynard’s new single, the first to come from his forthcoming second album, is 2015’s pop-star-does-a-dance-track-and-it’s-an-absolute-smash. Or at least I’d like t hope it will be. Also… Craig David.

I genuinely couldn’t tell you anything about Mocki even if I wanted to, but ‘Weekend’ looks as though it’s their first single and it’s definitely released through Kitsuné. But I can tell you that New York based producer Jai Wolf has done a 10/10 job at transforming the original into the masterpiece above.

Relentless touring indie ensemble Coasts have returned to our airwaves with brand new single ‘Modern Love’. This track is another slice of the synth infused rock that we’ve come to love from Coasts. Hey, and this is the first song that one of my “ones to watch” has released that I’ve actually liked straight away. BONUS.

Throwback Thursday
Remember the greatest app ever Tap Tap Revenge? Yeah well I hate to break it to you but it doesn't exist anymore. But back in the day when it was everyone’s favourite music based tapping game, this blessthefall track was my ultimate tapping tune.

Another Natalie/WIIHAMB epiphany: Things aren’t always recognisably great first time round… that’s probably the case more often than not but I didn’t really appreciate that until now. So, ‘Do The Shout’ comes from Italian electro pop duo M+A and features on their forthcoming ‘Anyway Milkyway’ EP due for release in April. It’s great because it’s summery and fun and catchy and excellent.

Isn't Lucy Rose usually much more folky than this? Either way, this more pop take on things is really working for me. 'Our Eyes' is taken from Lucy Rose's upcoming second album and what a great tease it is for what we can expect from the rest of the record.

I think I've posted every Saint Raymond single he's brought out since I started this blog but this is quite possibly my favourite so far. Similar to the Lucy Rose track I posted earlier, this feels a bit "poppier" than what we're used to from Saint Raymond.

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