Sunday 2 November 2014

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2014 Week #44

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'Nobody' is the first single from Stick To Your Guns' forthcoming new album 'Disobedient'. 'Nobody' sees STYG get right back into the swing of things with aggressive punchy verses and an anthemic angsty chorus.

There’s not many people who can roll A Great Big Word’s ‘Say Something’, Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’ and Ariana Grande’s ‘Break Free’ into one and make it sound like it’s meant to be. White Morning AKA Scott Miller manages to pull it off flawlessly.

√Ānders’ new single ‘You Don’t Need My Love’ rolls together three completely different styles and they come together beautifully. The track begins subtly and almost acoustically, then is backed with more electronic sounding beats by the time we reach the second chorus. We’re then treated to an excellent guitar solo as the song closes.

Throwback Thursday
It seemed as though Innerpartysystem rose into the musical eye just at the right time in 2008 with their rock meets dance done right catalogue of activist style songs.

October Round-Up

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything new from Northamptonshire five pieve Fenech Soler. This Prince cover has been making an appearance in their recent live sets and thankfully we’re all now able to hear it!

Alunageorge are slowly creeping back into our lives, first with teaser single ‘Supernatural’ and now as a featured artist on new Baauer track ‘One Touch’. Aluna’s voice works on the track perfectly as a stark contrast to Rae Sremmurd’s almost aggressive verses.

October playlists: YouTube / Spotify / Deezer
November playlists will start next week for anybody who's interested.

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