Thursday 15 September 2016

Beat It: Norde, Joe Hertz, SG Lewis

I wasn't going to post these songs together, but then I thought they'd work quite nicely as an electronic trio all of at various builds and paces, so here they are. Also, yep everything here's late, tell me something I don't know.

Norde feat Lucas Nord - Missing You

Norde is a Swedish producer (real name Axel Ulfson) and bloody ages ago (read: a month ago) he put out a song featuring vocals from one of my 2016 faves Lucas Nord. Obviously both hailing from the pop capital of the world it'd be crazy to think 'Missing You' would and/or could be anything over than a massive VIBE. Having Norde behind the production on this track is a nice change of pace for Nord (is this confusing?) in comparison to the tracks on his EP/album/release Company that came out earlier this year. 'Missing You' is one of those tracks that actually quite sombre when you get down to the lyrics but is so upbeat the true mood doesn't entirely translate, but no complaints from this end.

Joe Hertz feat Bassette - Playing For You

I've done a lot of toing and froing about this track but despite everything we've been through, it's made it. A prestigious feat, I know. I'm sure everyone in Joe Hertz and Bassette's respective camps is absolutely thrilled. So I'm not head over heals for 'Playing For You' but as I'm sure I've one-sidedly discussed before, Hertz does mood-setting and vibe-placing very well, and this track is a prime example of just that. This is a solid end of summer chill-out rig and it would probably go down well at anyone's last ditch attempt at a barbecue.

SG Lewis - Meant To Be

Chances of Sam reading this in this day and age are slim to none, right? Cool. This is the first track we've heard that features actual Sam Lewis' vocals which is nice isn't it because in terms of electronic types who do vocals (take Calvin Harris for example) this isn't bad at all, is it? And really you don't need to be a particularly great vocalist to do vocals anymore, as long as the vibe is right. This also just so happens to be my favourite of the four tracks on Lewis' Yours EP. Whilst writing this section of this post basically a shit ton of stuff about SG Lewis that no one can comprehend has surfaced and I just don't really know where to go with any of it. I guess we just have to sit around and wait... for... the... album?

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