Monday 5 September 2016

August Albums 2016 and A Little Library

With every month that goes by I say I’ll stop slacking and then we reach the start of the following month and here I am apologising for the fiftieth time this year for basically just being pretty useless. I don’t know if I could really commit to going back to daily blogging next year… I don’t know if I could really commit to anything ever again but something needs to change. But that’s my problem not yours.

Here is a visual representation of my few favourite releases from August 2016. Apparently August isn’t actually that good for releases so I didn’t really love any of this stuff, just thought it was all quite good. I’d talk you through them but I don’t really think you care. @ me if you want to chat about The Hunna though.

Here is also a playlist of my favourite bits of all of the good releases that August saw.
I’ll add to this with singles I haven’t blogged about after I’ve blogged about some of the singles I didn’t blog about… maybe.

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