Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dead! - Something More Original

Let's talk about Dead!.
I've had my beef with Dead!, I've written 'em off, I've sat back, I've taken it in, I've taken it back.

Let's be honest, it all went a bit tits up for me from the get go because naming your band after a My Chemical Romance song is all just a bit much. Alas, now I just pretend that that's not what this is. Also this lot look a bit "this is going to be for teenage girls", don't they? And as I haven't really been into that kind of thing for about four years, it's fair to say that's not what I'm about. The thing is though, I think that's as far as a lot of people get with this band and I totally understand why. It also doesn't help when you have Beez and Hill of That's Not Metal "fame" harping on about how terrible they think they are just because they like getting annoyed at things. I like getting annoyed at things, but their rant on Dead! put me off getting unnecessarily annoyed at things just because I can.

I had my first real life run in with Dead! a few months ago and I wouldn't say I wasn't impressed, I just don't think I knew what I was expecting. I think Dead! are marketed in a way that doesn't do them justice; so going into their set my eyes had already rolled round to the back of my head. But for whatever reason, benefit of the doubt maybe, I went to see them again a month later at 2000 Trees and more about it kind of "made sense". These guys aren't the MCR tribute band that they're kind of made out to be. Their music has all the punk elements of everyone's favourite new band of 2016 it's just that they have a bit more of a theatrical tinge to their songs. And not those kind of awful Creeper theatrics, just some stuff that makes them more... original.

HI, SEAMLESS LINK ALERT. Their new single (obviously, this is me, and so this has been out for ages) is called 'Something More Original'. It follows their last single (obviously) 'You're So Cheap' which was also quite good, so it looks like they're on a roll. I think those not so familiar with Dead!'s actual music would be pleasantly surprised by these songs. In particular, the chorus on 'Something More Original' is kind of as good as "rock" choruses get from bands this size, in terms of catchiness (definitely a word) and length of hook, it pretty much does the job. Finally, the video for this is kinda different too where performance videos are concerned, it's an interesting watch and also you can't really see much which is weird, but it works.

In conclusion, I am a Dead! apologist and maybe you should be too.

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