Monday 19 September 2016

Northern Lights: KLOE, Anna Of The North

Kloe is from Scotland which is in the north, and Anna Of The North is from Norway which is also north and her stage name has the word "north" in it (DUH) so everything kind of just makes sense doesn't it?

KLOE -  Liability

Liability is the song that I thought 'UDSM' was going to be but it wasn't but it doesn't matter because it's here now, which is lovely because it's very good. Kloe still hasn't quite topped the pop excellence that was 'Teenage Craze' but 'Liability' sure does make it real close. The video is a continuation of the late night escapades we saw the start of in 'UDSM', apart from this time there's a nipple, which is fine because it's 2016 and that kind of thing is widely acceptable in pop music videos by teenage artists. Let it be, world. 'Liability' has a very good hook. Obviously in light of this it sounds very good live. I have no idea what's next to come from Kloe but I assume it'll all be as good as, if not improved on this, so that's something nice to look forward to for 2017 (whhhaaa??), isn't it?

Anna Of The North - Us

Anna Of The North has this ability to make everything she comes out with sound so eerily pure yet retain all the good aspects of what you'd want to hear in a pop song. This is something I'm really into. Anna's overall pink aesthetic really emphasises the lack of complexity in her strategy as a musician too. I don't know whether things are purposefully simple or if it's just the way things have turned out, but either way it really works. It's no secret that I saw Anna Of The North twice at The Great Escape this year and I am looking tremendously forward to catching her again in London on Tuesday (tomorrow). It's also not sold out, so like, you should come.

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