Wednesday 24 December 2014

Top 25 Tracks of 2014: 25-16

So for the past couple of weeks (probably the last six weeks or so, it's been arduous) I have been trying to pull together a list of my favourite/the best songs of 2014. I was going to settle for 40 but managed to cut down the list to 25.

Before revealing the top five tomorrow, here's a recap of the last few days of WIIHAMB Daily and my rundown of 'Top 25 Tracks of 2014" numbers 25-16.

25. The Ciazarn Affair: Hey Rube (Chapter Two)
'Hey Rube (Chapter Two)' was the first thing that I heard from The Ciazarn Affair and it was an epic Panic! At The Disco meets Set It Off extravangza from a little known Glaswegian four piece. My brain is still shattered by the last 30 seconds of this song. All together now: "THE MEMORIES I REMEMBER."

24. The LaFontaines: Under The Storm
My 2014 festival highlight came courtesy of The LaFontaines' 'Under The Storm' at Redfest. If you haven’t heard of The LaFontaines before, they’re a rock band but with a rapper and it sounds nuts but it’s actually really good. Favourite chorus of 2014.

23. Karen Harding: Say Something
Karen Harding’s debut single ‘Say Something’ is quite simply three minutes and 38 seconds of pop perfection. Penned by MNEK, everything that happens throughout this song makes me want to hit repeat as soon as it’s over. Dear Radio 1, please playlist this, thanks.

22. Jack Garratt: Worry
This was the second track I’d heard from the London based singer/songwriter and I definitely didn’t think twice about featuring it. Starting off mellow and near-acoustic, by the chorus ‘Worry’ transforms into something much bigger with an unexpected bassline and Garratt’s super smooth vocals. Huge things for this guy in 2015.

21. Iyes: Breathe
Hearing ‘Breathe’ again a couple of weeks ago was just as exciting as listening to it for the first time. This duo from Brighton create this eerie yet sensual atmosphere that’s just so captivating. Melis Soyaslanová’s vocals are my favourite thing about this Iyes track though - effortless, pure and stunning.

20. Shift K3y: Touch
I’m not sure that anyone, least of all Lewis Jankel himself, expected ‘Touch’ to be the chart smash hit that it was, charting at number 3 in the UK back in April. Massive breakout tune from the 21 year old. Also probably the only song on this list that fades out *shudders*.

19. Ella Eyre: Comeback
I think Ella Eyre has probably been my favourite pop star of 2014. Summer 2014 saw her score her first solo top 20 single with ‘If I Go’ but feisty follow up single ‘Comeback’ is where I think we see what Ella Eyre is really capable of.

18. Ryn Weaver: OctaHate
'Octahate' is pretty off the wall. After six months of listening to Ryn Weaver's debut single, it's fair to say I've still got absolutely no idea what's going on. And that's what makes it so brilliant.

17. Banks: Beggin For Thread
I’ve posted four different Banks singles on WIIHAMB this year and picking just one for this top 25 list was tricky but ‘Beggin For Thread’ just edged it above the others.This track isn’t Banks’ typical broody style, even though it’s still emotional it’s feistier than other Banks tracks.

16. Hozier: Sedated
Just over a year ago, I posted ‘Take Me To Church’. At the time it was available for free download on a four track EP from Hozier’s website. If I’d posted it this year, there’s no doubt it would have made the top five in this list. ‘Sedated’ however has still made it into this top 25.

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