Saturday 20 December 2014

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2014 Week #51

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.
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This is going to be the last ICYMI of 2014. Starting tomorrow I'll be singlehandedly (or I might use both hands, haven't decided yet) taking you a wild journey back through the best bits of the last 12 months. Buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle. *Read in Caribbean accent* It's gonna be a bumpy ride. *End Caribbean accent*

'Losing You' is the second recent video release from Aquilo and is taken from their new EP 'Human', which was released last week. 'Losing You' is slow burning with its piano-led start but climaxes into an epic heartfelt finale.

OnCue has definitely been one of my favourite “discoveries” from 2014.‘Angry Young Man’ is the title track from OnCue’s free to download album released earlier this year. Everything on it is great.

'Devilish Acts' is the new single from Leicester based Omaha. Recently signed to We Are Triumphant, 'Devilish Acts' comes from Omaha's forthcoming EP 'Chapters', due out early next year.

French producer/DJ brother duo Picard Brothers and Swedish singer Erik Hassle work together like an absolute dream. This team have produced an electro/RnB breakup masterpiece. The accompanying lyric video is pretty special as well, telling the story of the song through historic paintings.

Throwback Thursday
PRAISE THE LORD FOR LEMAR. No but seriously, what a great guy. Great singles and I bet he’s great to go down the pub with. Apologies for this video’s unfortunate thumbnail - clearly no one at Lemar HQ is fussed about his YouTube presence.

WIIHAMB favourite Barnaby (I said that last time, but I’m really into Barnaby) features on the new single from British DJ/producer Embody. ‘With You’ is a great electronic track especially with the addition of Barnaby’s smooth vocals and the totally old school inspired lyric video. Missed that this song is a motherclucking free bloody download! Go HERE.

Manchester based singer/songwriter JP Cooper has unveiled an indie/soul hyprid of perfection. His voice absolutely melts away and leaves you craving more. JP Cooper’s ‘When The Darkness Comes’ EP is released early next year.

December playlists so far: YouTube / Spotify / Deezer


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