Sunday 12 April 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #14

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

As usual I was supposed to spend loads of time this weekend working on various blog things, including for the two weeks I'm out of the country. As usual I've pretty much achieved next to nothing. I am however super super looking forward to hearing the new Tyler The Creator album tomorrow; see below for an excerpt on just how excited I am.

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Although I really enjoyed Oh Wonder being super secretive their music seems to have a lot more character now that we know more about the London based duo. ‘Midnight Moon’ is the April instalment of their year long twelve track journey. This song sounds a bit more “pop” to me than previous songs but it’s undeniable that their debut album is shaping up to be absolutely outstanding.

I think I’m in love with KloĆ« a bit. ‘Feel’ is only her second ever release and it just gets so much better with every single listen. The eighteen year old Glaswegian is a pop star in the making and it’s only a matter of time before she’s all over the radio airwaves and plastered across multiple festival bills.

Only recently I was asking myself when it was okay to start demanding new MS MR material. No need because here it is. I absolutely love the intro, the New York based duo don’t bother easing you in, instead just going straight for the jugular. Beyond excited for a new album from Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow.

Nineteen year old Sabella along with her (debut?) track ‘Loving Like This’ is so exciting. In my head I’m not sure what sets this apart from other British pop/R’n’B tracks and singers doing the rounds at the moment but something does, making this track beautiful and flawless. It’s times like this when I wish I was actually able to write about music with a little more sincerity so everybody would believe how good this is.

Throwback Thursday
I often forget about MGMT, and when I say “often”, I mean “frequently”, which is mindblowing because I forget they have insane hits like ‘Electric Feel’. This track was so perfect for a time when off-the-wall synth indie pop was dominating pretty much every walk of life.

Prize for most pleasantly surprising “comeback” of 2015 so far undoubtedly goes to Tyler, The Creator. ‘Fucking Young’ is sort of the first single from Tyler’s new album Cherry Bomb which is being released TOMORROW. The video is actually ‘Fucking Young’ followed by ‘Death Camp’ which is confusing because on the album it’s actually followed by ‘Perfect’. As songs go, ‘Fucking Young’ and ‘Death Camp’ are pretty much polar opposites so as an indication of what’s to appear on this imminent album there’s a whole lot to expect. I forgot to mention Charlie Wilson’s vocals on ‘Fucking Young’. It all works together in the most incredible way.

‘Red Shortbread’ is the title track from 20 year old Jack Watts’ debut EP due for release on May 17th. The track’s accompanying video is unsettling to say the least, featuring the bloodied and tear-stained face of Watts and others healing backwards. As the song develops, so do Watts’ vocals, making ‘Red Shortbread’ such a powerful song for someone so young.

In January when I heard the first offerring from Hit The Light’s fourth album Summer Bones I loved it but was a little unsure whether they were still a “cool band” to like. After seeing them twice last month and listening to the album in full countless times, there’s no doubt the Ohio five piece are still incredible at what they do. The video for ‘Life on the Bottom’ follows New York boxer Ismael Villarreal training before getting in to the ring towards the end of the song.

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