Sunday 26 April 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #16

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

At the time of posting I will (hopefully) have landed safely down under and everything from here on in has been written in the past. For the next two weeks I'll probably be fairly distant from anything going on here or on the daily Tumblr site. Everything will continue as normal as if you didn't even know I was gone until Friday. Friday will see the start of a week long series (lolz) of guest posts from some friends with some #sickcontent. This is also the last ICYMI for a couple of weeks. Everything should straighten itself out again before the WIIHAMB Great Escape Festival extravaganza begins!

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When I posted ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea Samm Henshaw was only 20 years old. This is even more unbelievable after listening to his new song ‘Redemption’. Henshaw’s voice is reminiscent of so many classic soul singers, it’s mature and feels almost turmoiled, but in a good kind of honest and laid bare kind of way. 'Redemption' is taken from Henshaw’s upcoming debut EP, due for release in July but if you can't wait until then it's also a free download over on his Soundcloud page.

I’ll be first to admit that I was late to jump aboard the Aquilo hype train. Man, I wasn’t even late, I missed the train completely and had to wait for the next one. But aren’t we all glad I made it here in the end? ‘Better Off Without You’ is really great, a little more pop r’n’b than the previous EP but you can hear that for yourself just below. This track is taken from the duo’s forthcoming EP ‘Calling Me’, set for release at the end of May.

‘Forgiveness’ is the new off the wall track from LA based duo Made In Heights. Things seem to have changed quite a bit sound-wise since I last posted Made In Heights over a year ago, but the difference in general vibe makes for an exciting build up to the release of their second album next month.

Let it be known that I pay very little attention to what goes on with Panic! At The Disco these day, heck, I even had to check what the correct ‘!’ etiquette was now in 2015. This is their new track ‘Hallelujah’. The bottom line is that it’s a lot less Fall Out Boy than that Fall Out Boy track P!ATD did, but still a similar vibe and still very good. Brendon Urie’s vocals single-handedly keep this band/one-man-show afloat.

‘The Woods’ is the opening track from Huntar’s forthcoming ‘Love I Know’ EP which may explain the lengthy and staticy (now a word) introduction. What follows is an ambient track showcasing the 21 year old Londoner’s vocals that build and end up layered all over each other creating the ultimate vibe. I can’t find any evidence of a Huntar live show anywhere yet but I can’t help thinking that he’d slot in perfectly to this year’s The Great Escape lineup so it’s a shame not to see this name on the bill.

Throwback Thursday
Unbelievably I hadn’t yet posted N.E.R.D. for a Throwback Thursday, so God forbid we wait any longer! Tying things in and keeping everything relevant after Tyler The Creator’s ‘Death Camp’, it feels only right to pick ‘Rock Star’.

Stint just keeps cropping up since I posted his remix of Niia’s ‘Body’ at the start of the month. His collaboration with fellow Vancouver natives Dirty Radio is called ‘As Long As You’re With Me’ and it’s smooth and laidback and totally great. This track is available as a limited free download so don’t hang about because it’s a little known fact that everybody loves free stuff, especially when it’s as good as this.

Don’t let anybody tell you have I haven’t enjoyed absolutely everything that Snakehips have ever done, because I have. I don’t get super excited about much “electronic music” but this London based duo give me every vibe under the sun. This week they’ve remixed LA based artist Kelhani’s ‘Til The Morning’, giving the track the token Snakehips touch.

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