Sunday 19 July 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #28

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Spontaneous shows are going to be my new thing. I've decided that this week.And I don't know how long I'll be spontaneous for but it's nice to try things isn't it? This week so far has comprised of two release shows - The Gospel Youth's London EP release show and Prides' London album release show. Both were mildly spontaneous events for me. And I enjoyed them both. I also had a complete brainwave for a new WIIHAMB feature that will probably never see the light of day but it's nice to think that it might.

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The cool thing about this whole blogging thing, well one of the cool things, is recognising names that a muggle eye wouldn’t bat its lid at. That was a weird sentence. But essentially I first posted M. Maggie back in January, her collaboration with Black Coast, ‘Enough’. New York based Maggie Miller is now back again with a new solo track ‘Did It For U’, with Lucian on the production. It’s a nice little pop ditty this one.

A week later I am still very unsure about posting ‘Happy Song’. In essence, this is a good song but there are a couple of things that it could have done without. Firstly, the cheerleaders, nobody needs cheerleaders anymore because it’s 2015. Secondly, the swears in the chorus are not only just simply unnecessary but they’re also pretty annoying when it comes to the whole radio edit thing. But hey, they’ve got to ensure people still believe they’re a rock band one way or another. But 'Happy Song' has allowed me to fall uncontrolably in love with Vlogasaurus182.

Following up from the incredible ‘Wonder Woman’, Lion Babe's new single ‘Impossible’ is more of an off-the-wall rollercoaster ride of a track than even I thought possible. It’s great though, catch me blaring this as loud as possible at every barbecue for the foreseeable future. There is still no goddamn lion emoji.

The Best Things In Life Are MPFree
I've been working on this post for so long, it's so nice to finally have it out there. I have curated a summary of all of the free music that I’ve featured on WIIHAMB so far this year. There are ten releases (kind of) in total that are all entiiirely different. Would be cool if you checked it out.

Throwback Thursday
This week I was searching for an all encompassing ultimate Pharrell playlist, too lazy to create my own, you know how it is. This playlist was brought to my attention and it’s absolutely incredible. A brilliant song featured on said playlist that I felt had fallen off the face of the earth is No Doubt’s ‘Hella Good’. Not one of the typical classics but definitely nothing other than a classic.

IJerry Williams is only 19 (I had no idea) and is from Portsmouth and is just the most charming indie pop princess to be that you’ll ever see live. ‘Cold Beer’ is a new song from her and it’s lovely - like one of those tracks that is impossible to dislike. ‘Cold Beer’ is taken from the forthcoming EP (released August 21st) of the same name which also features (my personal top favourite) ‘Boy Oh Boy’ and Jerry’s excellent cover of ‘Bump N Grind’.

I want to have the deepest and darkest relationship with this song. New York based Ari Leff AKA Lauv has created a track filled with sadness and packed with feels but in an ‘it’s okay to feel this way’ kind of way. Stand out lyric comes in the form of “now I’m full of rum and regret”. I think Lauv gets me.

July playlists so far: YouTube / Spotify / Deezer

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