Sunday 12 July 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #27

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Yo, I don't really have much, if anything to report this week. I've been pretty slack on pretty much every aspect of my existence which definitely includes this blog. I saw the Minions movie, tried this month's Honest Burger special and saw Leon Bridges for free at Notting Hill Arts Club but that's pretty much it. The majority of this weekend was/will be spent with me being sad that I'm not at 2000 Trees. I'll get over it... eventually.

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‘Landslide’ is the 11th track we’ve heard from Oh Wonder. They only have one more before they’ve completed their year long musical release journey which will then be followed by the official album release on 4th September. I like ‘Landslide’, one of those songs where absolutely everybody can relate to the lyrics in one way or another. The best bit about the album is that as well as including the 12 tracks we’ll have already heard by then, ‘Oh Wonder’ includes another three brand new tracks!

So it’s becoming fairly evident that Alex Vargas is pretty incredible at this whole performing in a live setting thing. As you have the ability to read, this is obviously the London based singer-songwriter’s version of John Legend’s classic ‘Ordinary People’. Vargas has put a really nice cvrr£nt spin on the track with some darker sounding electronicy bits and obviously his vocals give the song a slightly different edge. There’s actually a point here when I thought the song was going into the chorus of Jack Garratt’s ‘The Love You’re Given’. Which, after listening to both tracks, doesn’t seem that silly of an idea.

You may know by now that I don’t really deal in press releases; I much prefer to find and stumble upon things myself. This does however often leave me in sticky situations with artists I know nothing about collaborating with other artists I know nothing about. Parisian producer Twenty9 and Swedish singer/songwriter August Heldt and their track ‘Get It Over With’ is a pretty solid example of this. The song is a perfect slice of European R’n’B with some nice electronic twists and accents. ‘Get It Over With’ is also up for free download here and also features on the pair's new four track EP 'June Notes'.

I wasn’t really bothered about ‘Grow’, the title track to Frances’ debut EP, but ‘When It Comes To Us’ definitely ups the ante. I LOVE RITUAL. So that got me excited. Although I still don’t understand who or what Ritual is but I so totally do not care. This song has a lot more layers than the previous single, a much more electronicy feel and Frances and Ritual’s (for sake of this sentence we’ll pretend Ritual is a lone man) vocals work brilliantly together. The Grow EP was released on Friday, which is exciting with all that global release date stuff coming into play, isn’t it?!

Throwback Thursday
We’re all aware of The Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’, right? Of course we are. Also on the band’s debut album ‘Conditions’ was ‘Science of Fear’. I much prefer ‘Science of Fear’, much much much prefer it in fact. At the time there was a Mistubishi

I made the error of not posting Martin Luke Brown's previous single 'Take Out Of Me'. I won’t be making the same mistake with ‘Scars On Scars’. The now London based singer/songwriter’s new single features so many different elements and layers and influences, MLB isn’t just another “singer/songwriter”. It doesn’t take more than a quick scroll through his Twitter feed to see that after two headline shows this week he also seems to be building a pretty nice live reputation for himself.

Debut singles are weird, especially with the way that blogs and the internet work in 2015 and we can see this with Danish trio Chinah’s debut single ‘Away From Me’. We never would have even known about their existence this quickly pre-blog era but now the blogosphere allows for it to spiral out of control. Fine’s vocals are definitely my favourite thing about ‘Away From Me’, they work perfectly on top of each aspect of the track.

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