Thursday 14 July 2016

Remixing Bowl: Chinah, Kill J, morgxn

Oh would you look at that, it's mid-July and here's my first post of the month. Literally who do I think I am?

Chinah - 1 Thing

Remember Chinah? Of course you do. How could anybody forget about my favourite Danish three-piece? About a month ago this video of Chinah covering Amerie's golden one hit wonder '1 Thing' surfaced pon de internet. You see though, from the introduction, you'd never have guessed. Chinah manage to make everything just sound so utterly their own, so much so that if it weren't for the lyrics, the actual cover could have been a mystery to us all. Guitarist Simon Kjær's and do-er of electronics and keys Simon Andersson's instrumentation and general putting-togetherness of this cover is so clean, tight, and impressive, not to mention Fine Glindvad's absolutely perfect vocals over the top. Damn, I love Chinah.
Also, Alex Vargas did a cover of my favourite Beyonce song for DR Output a few months ago, that's good too. You can watch it here.

KILL J - You're Good But I'm Better (Jaramix feat Marc E. Bassy)

Oh would you look who it isn't, Jarami doing an excellent remix for about the millionth (read: third) time this year. Apparently I've never posted Kill J before but I thought I'd posted a remix last year or something, alas, I did not. I'm not sure how much I like Kill J as an artiste in her own right but people seem to remix her stuff and I seem to be into that so... I really like that Jarami bring in other humans to feature on their remixes too. In the least insulting way possible Marc E. Bassy's Bieber-esque vocals lend themselves to this track really nicely. Such a summery vibe, damn. I just want Jarami to remix everything ever because there is zero doubt in my mind that they would enhance absolutely every song ever.

morgxn: love you with the lights on (monsieur adi remix)

First of all, I am moderately offended by the lack of capital letters but I am willing to respect ol' morgxn's wishes and throw grammar right out the window. So Popjustice posted this a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was really good and then I wasn't sure about how good it was and now I've decided that I do actually quite like it. 'love you with the lights on' is very Years & Years, which is definitely alright if you like Years & Years and are bored of them releasing every track off their debut album as a single a year on from the album's release date. Also, this Monsieur Adi remix is way better than the original but Monsieur Adi is, and has always been, great, so why wouldn't it be?

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