Monday 18 July 2016

Slackerpop Part Three: Azekel, Lauv, Big Wild

Slackin' all over the world. Here are some songs from last month.

Azekel: Linger

I don't always like Azekel's tracks, but when I do, I really do. The last time I posted Azekel was when I heard 'Holy Matrimony' two years ago and then I wasn't so keen on anything in between then and now. But now, hold the fuck up this guy's from London?!?!?! I always assumed Azekel was American. No, this has done me in. I don't know where to go from here. I said this before about someone else, but I just never expect stuff like this to come out of the UK, which is obviously a ridiculous train of thought but one my brain follows regardless. If you like Gallant, you'll like this, basically, it's very good.

Lauv feat Travis Mills - Question

I don't really know where this song came from or where I stumbled across it, but I've liked Lauv since like the start of last year? I just get really hung up on the fact he never replies to me on Twitter, but with songs like this it's something I can overlook. Ari Leff just seems to have a thing for writing really good pop songs and 'Question' is no different. I've never really been a fan of feat artist Travis Mills, but I think he actually works quite nicely on this, talking about generic "LA girls" and that. Also this song's outro is something dreams are made of.

Big Wild feat Tove Styrke - Aftergold

I've missed my second favourite Tove, probably more than I currently miss my favourite Tove, so it's nice to see and hear her on this Big Wild track. I did a little bit of research (lol, research, read: I went on the 'About' tab of his Facebook page) and Big Wild is a producer based in LA who seems to have a penchant for very lovely looking music videos because some of the scenes in this 'Aftergold' video look absolutely stunning. And Tove looks like she's having a pretty nice time too. The track is a pretty, feel-good summer vibe as well, which is fitting for this three day heatwave the UK is experiencing.

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