Thursday 21 July 2016

Girls Girls Girls Part Two: Dagny and Abra

Double whammy on a Thursday.

Dagny feat Børns - Fool's Gold

Dagny is straight up one of pop music's brightest hopefuls at the moment, and after her stellar single 'Backbeat' was rammed down our throats for almost a year, we've finally been treated to something new by way of 'Fool's Gold'. It's all we could have wanted and more; singalong bits, "ooh ooh ooh" bits, dancey bits, and Børns - which is a bit of a peculiar collaboration but no one's really complaining are they? And it does work. I've seen Dagny live twice this "summer" already too and she's super fun and likeable in really life which is something that always works in a popstar-to-be's favour, isn't it? Dagny is absolutely stunning too so I guess if she ever needed something to boost her greatness any more, there's that.


I think I first heard Abra on the radio... and that's not really something I say often anymore. Regardless, I definitely ain't mad. Whilst writing this, I've decided that Abra is actually a legit cross between FKA Twigs and Kelela, literally if you put those two into a pot and gave it a good stir, Abra would pour out and it's just as glorious as it sounds. 'Crybaby' is a song so good that it's fairly tricky to describe in an articulate fashion using words that can be found in the English dictionary. And it doesn't stop at this track either; her new EP Princess is probably my favourite release of the month and I may or may not write something about that when the end of next week rolls around. Must say that I'm absolutely gutted I missed seeing her in London last week too. I can only imagine that it was magical.

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