Tuesday 9 August 2016

RIVRS - Falling

RIVRS are a London based duo and they're actually quite good. The only problem with that is that the universe neglected to share that information with me until last month which is all pretty not ideal but what can one do? Make up for lost time, really.

Charlotte and Fin, whom I have no choice but to be on first name terms with (Hi I'm Natalie, wassup?), have just released their debut EP, it's called Falling and I think it's probably worth chatting about. Falling is five tracks long so we're already off to a great start because five is without a doubt the optimal...? optimum...? correct number of songs for an EP. Essentially, this release is bookended by two excellent jams, title track 'Falling' and 'Something About You'. 'Falling' is the single, it has a video and it begins very Banks-like which is great, because everybody loves Banks but then it has this massive pop/RnB chorus almost Destiny's Child worthy post-chorus "I can't be without you" bit. As far as singles go, this is up there with the best of them.

Then final track 'Something About You' is full of electronic/production quirks that blogs akin to mine are really keen on. You know the stuff like Oceaan/Ben Khan do (#wherearetheynow) that blogs and general music tastemaker types really like? Well there's a load of that in this and it sounds great. What we've seen on these two songs is real pop potential for this two-piece, like, for real. Which brings me to the other three tracks on the EP... they're not as good, not as instantly vibable... vibeable? You don't like em as quickly as you like these too, but they definitely aren't bad.

Afterthought: So, 'Friend Lover' was also a single, it's got a video and all that, and this was the song that was released when Charli XCX was doing all that Vroom Vroom stuff or whatever that was about. And that's all well and good when you're Charli XCX but I personally didn't feel like that worked for RIVRS, and that's why I forgot all about them and then didn't even link them to these tracks now. Anyway, that all sounds really negative, but that's not the intention at all.

They're playing Kamio mid-next month, I'm going, that should be good. My fave D/C is opening so that should all be extra good.

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