Monday 14 November 2016

If You're Blogging This It's Too Late Part Three: Klyne, Youth Club, George Maple

Oh would you look at that, it's mid-month and guess who decided to start blogging again. You'd be correct, it's me.

Klyne - Water Flow

My favourite Dutch duo Klyne are back with their new single 'Water Flow', continuing their stream of pop/R&B/soul vibes channelling throughout Western Europe. What really stands out about songs from Klyne is that they're interesting, innovative and different without being too off-the-wall for your average music fan. Tracks like 'Water Flow' are simple yet effective; the percussion in particular really sets this apart from not only Klyne's other tracks but also other R&B type duos available on the market. Klyne are playing a short string of dates across Europe at the start of December, sort yourself out and go to one of them.

Youth Club - Sorry

Is it fair to say that all of the bands in the land, it's Youth Club who write the catchiest songs? BECAUSE I RECKON IT IS. I don't know when it ends. Does it end? Will this Southend based four piece ever write a song that doesn't get stuck in your head for at least forever? Probably not. 'Sorry' is Youth Club's new single and as you should have been able to put together by now, it's very good. Sorry is a little more down tempo than some of the band's previous efforts but is still packed full of groove and a chorus you can shimmy along to. Also, not forgetting the "steel drum" middle eight section, what a thing to put in a song. The video narrative is fairly lost on me but that's neither here nor there really.

George Maple - Lover

What a woman. How does every song that rising Australian star George Maple puts out sound so seductive. It's things like this that make me feel ever more increasingly inferior to anyone from Australia, despite my apparent faux accent. Maple's voice never fails to be the smoothest and most sultry thing on the planet. In other news, she's in London at the moment, and guess what, she's not even performing a show which breaks my little heart because I would pay tremendously good money to watch this all unfold live. Come back soon please, preferably with an album or something of the like in tow. Thanks.


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