Sunday 2 August 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #30

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

I've lost the plot again this week. I think there's so much that goes on with WIIHAMB all the time, I struggle to keep the same level of commitment going all the time. Normally I would have posted a monthly round-up on Friday but the bottom line is that I just didn't write it. I couldn't really be bothered to write it. And what's the point of putting time and "effort" into something you don't want to do because no one's going to want to read that. I have written a few bits though so I might post those somewhere tomorrow. Not too sure. I was pretty slack on all other fronts this week too, so enjoy the little I actually managed to put out.

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I absolutely adore Jamie XX’s ‘I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)’, I think it’s one of the best songs of 2015 so far. Dua Lipa’s rework is a nice refreshing take on the track. The sample from The Persuasions’ 1972 original ‘Good Times’ is still ever present and even slightly extended at the beginning and end. Dua Lipa has then has taken over both Popcaan and Young Thug’s parts which is interesting to hear because both of those artists have such unique vocal styles.

I have therefore written the most Natalie of previews that I could have written and you can read that here.

‘Breathe’ the opening track on Youth Club’s second EP ‘Brothers’ which was released earlier this year. I am so excited to see this band live again next week at Close Up Festival; I genuinely can not sing Youth Club’s live show praises any louder, so unbelievably tight.

In the description for this track on Soundcloud, Feki has written that his label told him not to release it. His label were wrong. So so wrong. I think this is genuinely one of the most original remixes that I’ve heard for a long time. Is that a juxtaposition? An original remix? Who cares, that’s what this is.

Throwback Thursday
Bet you never thought you’d see me posting Incubus on here? Neither did I really. I didn’t even know I knew any Incubus songs, let alone like any Incubus songs. Anyway, I heard them do this track on a Radio 1 session over the weekend and Of Mice & Men put up a cover of this song this week too. Exciting times for old school Incubus material, huh?

Duke Dumont, where do I start? ‘Need U (100%)’, Duke Dumont’s break out commercial hit, was one of the first tracks I posted when I started this blog and I even posted it about two months before it charted. I don’t want to use the phrase “return to form” because I think it's kind of demeaning, but if it wasn't, that's what I'd say. I don’t know whose vocals are on this track, they’re not credited, but we must remember that A*M*E wasn’t originally credited either so hopefully it’s only a matter of time.

When I saw Tkay back in June supporting Years & Years I thought her sound was cool but nothing really stood out. I also had no idea she was Australian until now. But Tkay sounds like she could be the rest of the worlds answer to fill the strong female pop/rap crossover quota. ‘M.O.B.’ which I’ve decided stands for ‘Money Over Bitches’ is more fun packed into one track than you could imagine. I’d like to hear this in the club.

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