Sunday 16 August 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #32

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

At time of posting I am currently (hopefully, like, I really hope) on my way home from Hevy Fest 2015! Really excited to share what I get up to there! Because I've spent most of this week, which doesn't seem to have been very long at all especially as I'm writing this on Wednesday, prepping for Hevy I haven't got that much to report. Although, and I promise I'll stop harping on about him one day, I went to see Huntar on Monday and it was one of THE most outstanding gigs I've ever been to. I'll write something in full somewhere about it eventually because it was that good. Anyway, the week that was.

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I don’t really get Melanie Martinez but ‘Sippy Cup’ sounds a lot more pop and commercial than her other singles. I also find it odd that Martinez has a such a young fanbase because her lyrical content in ‘Sippy Cup’ and recent single ‘Soap’ especially is quite dark. She’s cool though, Melanie Martinez, in a “not your typical pop star” kind of way.

I listened to the new Don Broco album, 'Automatic' and I really wanted to say some things about it, so I have. This was originally about 25 minutes long but lucky for you it's no longer anywhere near that long.
“KIIARA DROPS NEW TRACK. WORLD BURSTS INTO FLAMES BECAUSE FIRE.” - The entire internet for the rest of this singer’s career. ‘Feels’ is slower and more emotional (obviously, ‘Feels’, duh) than previous tracks ‘Tennessee’ and ‘Gold’, and it’s cool to hear that diversity so early in an artist’s career. The sheer scale that this twenty year old from Illinois seems to have propelled to is pretty crazy for such a short space of time.

it quickly became apparent that CVIRO is pronounced ‘Cairo’, but GXNXVS? I’m lost. I hadn't heard anything from these two frequent collaborators before so this is all new and exciting. CVIRO’s vocals are what this is really about, honestly, this old school soulful R&B tone is just what you needed. Credit to GXNXVS where it’s due though, without the sleek production ‘Sober’ would not be what it is. Australia, you pumpin’ out the good stuff recently, shout out to you.

I've got the the point where I'm listening to Hailee Steinfeld’s debut single ‘Love Myself’ at various points of the day just to lift my mood. ‘Love Myself’ is a mood lifter. This track’s cool though, when you think about who the “target audience” are, genuinely the sort of thing you really want younger teenagers to be listening to.

Throwback Thursday
June’s debut ‘If You Speak Any Faster’ was released during a time around '05/'06 where Victory Records were churning out so much genuinely exciting stuff including, but not limited to, Silverstein, Bayside and A Day To Remember. It was a time when I felt like Victory had everything going for them, and they did a really good job of promoting and pushing their smaller signings. I never would have heard any of June’s songs let alone stand out ‘Patrick’ if it weren’t for that.

Whilst we (not so) patiently wait for Kwabs’ debut album ‘Love + War’ now set for release on 11th September, the South London based singer is teasing us with some tasters of what’s to come. Sohn produced ‘Look Over Your Shoulder’ is possibly my favourite Kwabs track to date... which I think means that I like it A LOT.

State Champs are back and this is the second track we’ve heard from their second album ‘Around The World And Back’, set for release in October. I actually don’t really think that the two songs we’ve heard so far, ‘Losing Myself’ and ‘Secrets’ are much of a step up from anything on their debut, ‘The Finer Things’; kind of... more of the same just a little less catchy. Time will tell I guess, but ‘Losing Myself’ definitely isn’t bad by a long stretch.

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