Sunday 30 August 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #34

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

In more unrelated to music news this week two major things happened - Street Feast's National Burger Day festival was off the chaaaain and I bought a PS4. (You can add me on the PS rig, I'm natalie_ihw, literally nobody has added me yet *sad face*.) But in music news this week, we had the most INSANE release day ever, escalated by the fact that we all had to deal with this on a Friday. (God, I hate global release day Fridays) But it was actually full on nuts. I plan to cover a lot of this in my Summer round-up which should hopefully be happening tomorrow!

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I really like this… which is slightly problematic. This is just an exclusive track to tease Eton Messy’s new compilation, it’s not Blonde’s new single. Blonde’s new single is actually ‘Feel Good (It’s Alright)’ and it features Karen Harding, which on paper sounds incredible but I didn’t love it. ‘All Night’ is great though and I was very intrigued by this Mar character. Maybe he’ll feature on more things in the future, I think that might be nice.

What is up with this Australian electronic vibey R’n’B stuff at the moment? It’s great. Everything about this track from Yeah Boy, real name Johnny Castro, is simple yet so effective. ‘Looking For Sunshine’ is the opening track on Yeah Boy’s second EP Wildfire. I really like the artwork for this EP, it’s eerie but warm which seems to fit nice and subtly with the songs.

I really like Nimmo. Really like Nimmo. There’s something about Nimmo that makes this ensemble look like THE TRENDIEST five piece on the planet right now. ‘Dilute This’ is a great indie pop song with a really heavy electronic influence. There’s something really cool about Sarah Nimmo’s vocals too, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know it’s good, especially when accompanied by Reva Gauntlett’s equally smooth tones. In typical WIIHAMB fashion, during the short space of time between Tuesday and now there is an official video for 'Dilute This' but it's disappeared from YouTube and there's a load of premiering/Vevo bullshit happening.

I love Alessia Cara. It’s nuts that this Canadian teenager is taking over the world after releasing one single. She has an EP called ‘Four Pink Walls’ that came out yesterday and each track has it's own little video on her YouTube channel. Anyway, this is her covering Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. I’ve heard the original for the first time about half an hour after this original post went out and to be honest, I wish I hadn't.

So… This track, ‘The Hunger’. You’ve heard this before. No really, you have, well, if you’ve heard ‘The Woods’ (the opening track from Huntar’s Love I Know EP) you have. The EP opens with a radio tuning in and out of a load of different imaginary stations and the first track we hear is in fact ‘The Hunger’. This song doesn’t really sound like any of the previous Huntar tracks and that threw me a little bit. The “instrumentation” is really different and a little bit strange. This is good though, I wouldn’t be posting it if it wasn’t. And where, at points, the lyrics start to become a little cliche, Huntar’s vocal performance makes you forget all about it.

Throwback Thursday
Hands down the greatest The Saturdays single that there ever was. No, seriously, this is an absolute smash hit. And it’s quite frankly appallingly that it only peaked at number eight in the UK singles chart. Please challenge me on the ‘best The Saturdays single of all time’ thing, I’d love to tell you how wrong you are.

Asha is back! This is only her second track, the follow up to the incredible ‘We Can Do This’. Her voice just seems so effortless and I am so excited about absolutely everything surrounding this lady. First and foremost, the ability to actually purchase her music.

This is a story song and I love story songs. Catey Shaw’s ‘Walks All Over You’ is about a girl who has a guy wrapped around her finger and Catey is like 0% okay with this. It took me a while to semi-pin-point this, but Shaw’s vocals remind me a bit of Ellie Goulding, just in tone and pronunciation and things. I also absolutely love the immersive 80s vibe you get from this track, the brass bits in particular just add such a nice touch to the song overall.

This is the kind of song that you could put on repeat for a week and leave it to slowly seep into your soul. Steven A. Clark’s vocals have the smoooothest pop/soul/RnB tone to them, it’s like they actually melt into the track. Clark has an album out on the 18th September, it’s called ‘The Lonely Roller’ and after hearing ‘Can’t Have’, I guess you could say that I’m pretty excited to hear his debut full length record.

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