Sunday 6 September 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #35

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Life is life and things are things. I did nothing of note this week, and nothing of note really happened this week. I also haven't been to a live show of any sort for two and a half weeks now. This should even itself out nicely this coming week, but will I even remember what it's like to go to a gig?! Who knows. I went a little off the rails last month, lazy posts and posting the same artist more than once a couple times. I wanna get out of that habit so hopefully September will be an improvement in that respect. Seeing as I have nothing more interesting to say, let's cut to the chase.

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On Sunday I shared some thoughts about Jonny Craig. Jonny Craig fronted five piece Slaves have just released their second album ‘Routine Breathing’, a speedy follow up to last years debut ‘Through Art We Are All Equals’. This single isn’t amazing but this post isn’t really about this song. Jonny Craig gets so much stick 24/7 about absolutely everything and I do not deem it necessary and I really want to get that off my chest. It makes me really sad that at only 29 years old he’s stuck in this rut of making really average rock music, but a part of me believes that if he came out with something absolutely incredible in a new project no one would take any notice because “it’s Jonny Craig”. It’s all a bit of a shame really.



I went to a load of cool things and listened to a load of cool stuff this summer. WIIHAMB was cool for the summer… and hopefully for longer…

I don’t really know much about Seaway, but I’d sort of written them off as just another pop punk band that my friend Courtney really likes. ‘Freak’ is the first single to be taken from their new album ‘Colour Blind’ which is out in October. And ‘Freak’ is actually really good, I can’t really explain why, but it has a slightly more old school pop punk feel as opposed to just being another The Story So Far/Neck Deep replica. (Some would say that being a The Story So Far/Neck Deep replica isn’t a bad thing… but I would say it is.)

I don’t mean to keep posting and going on about Jerry Williams but I do. ‘Boy Oh Boy’ was the first song I heard from her taken from an SBTV session but the studio version was only released towards the end of last month from her Cold Beer EP. I have similar feels with Banks as I do with Williams and this track, how can someone who seems so great have as much “boy trouble” as depicted in this song?! How is that a thing?! Mind-blowing but if the results come in the form of songs like ‘Boy Oh Boy’ I guess it’s okay.


A Chat with The Gospel Youth at Hevy Fest: "We Still Have a Massive Point to Prove"

It would be really cool if you checked this out. I spent an actual huge amount of time on it, not just because it was the first interview I'd done but also because another zine kind of asked all of the same stuff and put out his interview on the same day mine was going up and it didn't read particularly well. SO I MADE MINE BETTER *various smug emojis*. Also TGY just released a lyric video for the title (and best) track from their latest EP.

I had no idea Zak Abel was even up to something let alone releasing a new EP last month. Abel’s new seven track EP (SEVEN TRACKS! This is almost an album!) is called ‘One Hand On The Future’ and it has some really cool simple yet effective artwork. ‘Say Sumthin’ is taken from this new EP and it’s about Abel not being able to get hold of someone who was on a plane and he was totally freaking out. I really love the female backing vocals, they add such a nice element to the track as a whole and just work so well.

I’ve really struggled with which song from Alessia Cara’s debut EP Four Pink Walls to post on here. I mean, it was a toss up now between the title track and ‘I’m Yours’. I love both songs so much but in the end it’s come down to the fact that I like the video for ‘Four Pink Walls’ more than the video for ‘I’m Yours’. So here it is. It’s now come to my attention that I don’t have much else to say about this song or the EP. It came out a week ago so, everyone has heard this release already, right? I mean, if you haven’t you definitely should.

Waaaaaay back in March I first posted Maala and there were about zero things on the internet about who he was. Six months later the New Zealand based singer has released his debut self-titled EP as well as a video for recent single ‘In The Air’. This track along with the rest of the EP make me feel feelings that I genuinely didn’t know that I had the capacity to feel.

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