Sunday 20 September 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #37

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Another cool couple of shows this week in the form of Oh Wonder's live debut and Hildamay's not reformation (???). Also it would appear that Alexisonfire are officially a band again, which really agitates me, and I may or may not, realistically I probably won't, do a post about that. I may also do a post about Chloe Grace Moretz and the music she likes and how she goes about posting it... but then again I also probably won't. Let's get on with this shall we.

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I’ve heard a few Ava James songs over the past couple of months and they were good but I wasn’t hooked… until I heard ‘Between Sheets’. There’s no question about the calibre of artists James is working with on the prodcution side of things. On previous tracks she’s paired up with Tropics and Maths Time Joy, and now Leo Kalyan has taken the reins. James’ voice is huge and undeniably the focal point of this song. Who knows what could be next for this London based 21 year old.

Oh so you like Florence + The Machine, but you don’t like listening to Florence + The Machine songs? That sounds weird, but it’s a thing I suffer from. And luckily Fours are here to cure this horrible disease. Frontwoman Edith Violet’s vocals are very reminiscent of Welch’s and matched with bouncy indie-pop the result is magical. Along with this track, ‘Leave Me’, the other two tracks from Fours’ Everything I Never Said EP are also on their Soundcloud page and they are both great. I really didn't give 'Leave Me' enough credit in my original post, the song, the lyrics, everything are so so so great. I've genuinely listened the Fours' EP about 30 times this week.

“Zara Larsson? Natalie, are you sure?” Believe me, I was skeptical, I mean, I thoroughly enjoy MNEK’s music but I’m not a Zara Larsson fan. Upon listening to ‘Never Forget You’ everything I ever thought I believed flew, darted, in fact, out the window. This. Is. A. Banger. It builds like the most perfect pop song should. A duet that you just had no idea would work AND IT DOES. More excellent random collabs in the future please, universe.

AQUILO GOES POP. And it’s alright, you know. I’m not in love with the chorus, but this seems like a cool direction for the duo and for the album that they’re apparently making.This song is actually far better than I’ve made out in this post, it is really good, you should listen to it, you might as well, it's right here.

Throwback Thursday
Listening back to Hadouken in 2015 is very peculiar and the first question you find yourself asking is “did I really used to enjoy this?”. I think I did, which is absolutely mind-blowing. ‘House Is Falling’ along with that ingenious 90s sample on ‘Mic Check’ are the only two Hadouken songs that are worth listening to five years on. ‘House Is Falling’ should have been a huge hit really, actually a genuinely great pop/dancerock (or whatever genre this is, post-grindie?) crossover. Ah well.

It’s fair to say that I was quite excited when I saw that Great Good Fine Ok had put out a new song. The Brooklyn based duo only release tracks that make you want to walk down the street pretending you’re in an epic summer music video even when it’s monsoon weather (a la London right now) and ‘Take It Or Leave It’ is no different. Their vocals are always really strong too, soft effortless tones that blend so well with the rest of everything.

Don’t be fooled, Keyes’ ‘Black Magic’ isn’t a cover of the latest Little Mix single, although I have no doubt that that would sound excellent. ‘Black Magic’ is in fact Keyes’ follow up to previous single ‘Veins’ which I posted and I loved, and I still love. I had no idea that Keyes was from the UK (I bet I did, and I’d just forgotten) but it’s cool that someone new and not from the US is making fun pop songs like this.

Finally a Disclosure song from the new album that I like, and there’s not even a guest feature! Howard Laurence himself takes on vocal duties on ‘Jaded’ and it’s so much better than any of the tracks the brothers took sole control of on their debut. I’m hopeful that some of the songs on their upcoming album ‘Caracal’ will be equally as good as this is.

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