Sunday 13 September 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #36

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Gig drought has ended and this week I've never felt more like a legit music blogger (I'm sure I probably have but whatever) because I went to see both Alessia Cara and Halsey play their first shows in London. Along with those I've had some not okay cold/flu like symptoms causing me to bail  on a couple of other gigs but you can't have it all, can you? Batman Arkham Knight has also taken over my life recently so forgive me for the #content recently - the songs are still great, just the writing is more rushed.

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Some times I do really dumb things. This was one of those times because I did not go and see Danish three-piece Chinah play this month’s New Shapes. I'm annoyed with myself. ‘We Go Back’ is only the second track Chinah have shared online, following up from ‘Away From Me’ a couple of months ago. If both of these songs are any sign of what’s to come from this trio, we should be in for a real treat.

So I posted Transviolet’s debut track ‘Girls Your Age’ a little while ago and it was by far my most popular post to date. WHICH WAS REALLY COOL. This is the four-piece’s follow up track and it’s a lot more “pop”, which I’m really into. I don’t think I would have liked ‘Girls Your Age’ as much as I did if it weren’t for the lyrical content, but I prefer ‘Bloodstream’ overall much more, it’s more of a #banger - like, more Halsey, less Lana Del Rey.

I’m still waiting for the ‘Elevated’ from this second State Champs album, you know, THE BANGER. ‘All You Are Is History’ is far closer to rock hit status than the other couple of tracks we’ve heard so far, much closer. I do take issue with an aspect of the video though… in 2015, who still owns one of those huge camcorders and a VCR?! We’re in a digital age. I would have smashed that up too and just recorded the video on my phone and Whatsapped it to Derek.

Honne seem to have a lot of songs about jetsetting. In ‘No Place Like Home’ in particular it’s 2am in Tokyo. From this and ‘Coastal Love’ from the duo’s fist EP, we can only assume that the pair (and maybe even Jones as well) are very well travelled. This song is really nice, but it’s quite mellow and I’m currently trying to work out if it counts as a ballad or not, because we all know that I don’t like ballads, but I do like this, so I’m not really sure where I stand. ‘No Place Like Home’ is taken from Honne’s second EP ‘Over Lover’ which came out last week and is £2 on iTunes!

Every other blog ever has already posted this so I thought I would post it like a year later too. (This track was only uploaded like a week ago so I’m not actually late at all.) And, also, don’t get me wrong, I’m not posting this because everybody else has, I’m posting it because it’s great. It’s quite Oh Wonder, a little, like, if you like Oh Wonder, realistically, you’re probably going to like this. Both Tep No and Heather Janssen are from Canada, which is nice isn’t it, music from Canada that isn't Drake, The Weeknd or Justin Bieber.

Throwback Thursday
In all honesty, asking the office what track I should post for TBT always ends in disaster and leads to a really long winded journey to the song I actually end up posting. Today was no different. And today, we were led to the real MVP Mary J. Blige and her ‘Family Affair’.

Upon hearing ‘Do It Well’ for the first time I decided on a new judging system for tracks - AS I DO EVERY TIME I POST TOM ASPAUL. I thought, from now on I’ll rate every track on a scale of ‘YAS!’ to ‘YAAAAAS!’. I then soon decided that this was a ridiculous idea and it was binned soon after I rated ‘Do It Well’ a strong YAAAAS! This track fits the mood perfectly as we cling on to the final morsels of summer 2015 this weekend.

Back when SG Lewis released the first track from his Shivers EP, ‘No Less’, I saw that there was a JP Cooper collab to follow and I was #stoked. The press release refers to ‘Shivers’ as a “piano-lead ballad” which is awful news because we all know I loathe ballads… but under WIIHAMB rules I am declaring this not a ballad and actually thoroughly enjoyable. SG Lewis is playing his debut live show for New Shapes on 4th November… which is excellent news, UNLESS LIKE ME YOU’RE SEEING JACK GARRATT THAT NIGHT AND IT’S ACTUALLY TERRIBLE NEWS. However, if you are free, you should go, it’s £4 and you can get a ticket on Dice <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">

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