Sunday 15 November 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #45

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

News this week is that in the new year What If I Had A Music Blog is changing. I won't be posting daily anymore, but I'll still be posting super regularly with a mix of new songs, review type things, thoughts like things. You know, just, keeping it real. Which means that I will no longer be posting monthly round-ups or ICYMIs which is great news for me because they've started to become a bit of a chore. So that's that. For now I'll continue to plod along as usual, but you have been warned...

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Deaf Havana and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. ‘Cassiopeia’ sounds like a return to the music Deaf Havana were making straight after Ryan Mellor left the band - you know, ‘Smiles All Round’ and ‘My Life Is Average’. This song has come as a really pleasant surprise and I’m actually super glad that I like it. I’d be really happy is this was going to be the direction for all their new material.

I think Chinah are by far one of my favourite new new new bands to appear during 2015. This is the third track that the Danish trio have put out and it’s just as excellent as the previous two. There’s still no word on an EP release or anything from Chinah though which makes me so nervous. I JUST NEED MORE.

Since first posting XY&O a couple of months back I have been more than eagerly awaiting new material from this Welsh trio. Luckily for us all, we don’t need to wait any longer as their new track ‘Fahrenheit’, the third to be taken from their forthcoming debut EP, is here. This song is so summery it actually almost hurts to be listening to it in mid-November.

Shakka - The Lost Boys EP
In light of events discussed at the top of this post, I decided that I couldn't hold back on easing in the new format. After listening through to Shakka's debut major label release I was so overly enthused about things that all I wanted to do was talk about it. And so that's what I did right here.

Throwback Thursday
Another iconic One Tree Hill music moment. I couldn’t actually remember the scene this was in, but after a quick Google search it would appear that it’s from a scene in Season 1 where Hayley and Nathan first kiss, which is nice isn’t it. This is actually one of the far better songs I’ve posted for Throwback Thursday in a long while. Shout out to my iTunes Library for this one.

This is a solid little tune isn’t? We’ve all got over the whole “Mabel has famous parents” thing now too haven’t we? And now we can just appreciate her and ‘My Boy My Town’ in their own right. I’m not sure whether this whole vibey RnB thing is going to get a little bit tired over the next six months/year but for the moment I’m very happy with how it’s sounding.

‘Cut Me Clean’ was released over a month ago but we’re all well aware by now that my emails and I don’t get along at the best of times. Yo Mighty! are described as a mysterious Danish DJ / production collective which always fills me with a mild amount of fear - why so secretive guys?! Raphaella is a London based artist whose type vocals are the sort you’d hear on your standard pop/dance crossover song but there’s something a littler quirkier about Raphaella’s voice that adds a slightly different element to ‘Cut Me Clean’.

Welcome to Natalie’s Idea of a Ballad Lesson #1568: Sometimes things break the rules. Don Broco’s new single ‘Nerve’, taken from their second album ‘Automatic’, is a prime example of this. ‘Nerve’ is one of the best tracks on Don Broco’s most recent album and although it’s not a single I would have chosen, I think those who aren’t as familiar with Don Broco or ‘Automatic’ will be pleasantly surprised upon hearing it.

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