Sunday 22 November 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #46

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

This week has primarily been taken over by end of year lists. Which blows my mind because we're not even near the end of November yet. But with all the blog change that I want to enforce, getting all of that stuff ready before Christmas is now mildly imperative. In other news I took part in my first pub quiz this week and it was entirely music based and also a pretty solid lol. Would recommend.

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In “celebration” of his 20th birthday, actual love of my life Thomston has released a new song called ‘brain-dead’. The most important thing that we can take from the release of this track is that there is an album on the way/in the works/soon. ‘brain-dead’ is the kind of song we’ve come to expect from Thomston but it definitely holds its own amongst his other material.

One of my 2015 favourites, Lostboycrow, has just put out this quirky little number titled ‘Talk Back To Me’. This is exactly what I like about Lostboycrow, you never really know what to expect from one of his new songs but you can guarantee that it’s going to sound great. I think I said this quite recently when I last posted Lostboycrow but I’m so so so excited to hear a fuller length release from him. Also, free download!

Another free download, spoilin' ya this week. I love this so much that even my iTunes play count can't keep track of how many times I've listened to it. I haven’t posted anything from Joe Hertz since June 2014 which was absolutely ages ago so I’m really glad that I like this as much as I do. I have noted that there are some lines throughout ‘Tied Up’s chorus that sound quite similar to the chorus of Pharrell’s ‘Frontin’’ however this is definitely not a bad thing but I do get very distracted every time.

After the most gruelling wait of my life (not really, but it has been quite a while) the bookend to KLOE’s 2015 trilogy is here in the form of ‘Touch’. You know you assume that everybody from places you’re not from knows each other? Well, solidifying this assumption is the fact that ‘Touch’ was produced by KLOE’s fellow Glaswegian Lewis Gardiner of Prides fame. There’s a video for ‘Touch’ on the way which I am so so so much more than excited to cast my eyes upon.

Throwback Thursday
Absolutely can not believe that I’m yet to post a Girls Aloud song, and what better choice than debut single and absolute iconic banger ‘Sound of the Underground’. I thoroughly enjoyed this at the time of its inception and I reckon I enjoy it just as much now.

I have never been a Kyla La Grange fan, and I’m not sure what’s changed, whether it’s me or the music, but I think her new track ‘Skin’ is excellent. ‘Skin’ sounds like FKA Twigs got told to tone it down and then met up with Transviolet and together they poured their hearts out about an old significant other who they want to get one over on. The more I think about it, it’s really cool that Kyla La Grange has managed to encompass loads of things I liked in 2015 into one super thing that I really like. Solid cry into your pillow on a Sunday night vibe, this one.

It has taken me a stupid amount of time to get into this, but it’s finally happened and we can now all rest in peace. ‘Superman’ has been great the whole time though, and the fault lied… laid… was with me. I found the lyrics to the chorus mildly uninspiring and kind of just gave up on it. But I’m over that now and we can all sit around and give Louis Mattrs the attention he deserves. Louis Mattrs is in fact releasing his new EP, Slow Waves, next Friday and I am so excited. Especially excited for the LK Faith collab, it’s probably going to equate to multiple fire emojis, let’s be honest.

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