Monday 10 October 2016

Loop - Losing My Mind

I've been meaning to post Loop for actual months and she keeps just slipping through my fingers through no one's fault bar mine, but the time for her to finally feature on WIIHAMB has come, I am sure that she is absolutely shook. I actually wish I knew when the video for this song was coming because posting that with this would be good... alas.

Story Time! So, Friday, friend of the blog Dan is like "yo, friend of life Simon is playing a show later, do you wanna come?" And obviously, I'm never busy so I'm like sure, let's go. Lo and behold, Simon just happens to play drums for ol' Loop here. So I'm like "oh shit, I am in fact familiar with this artiste by way of hits such as 'Looking At You' and new single 'Losing My Mind'." And with that a peculiar three degrees of separation was born.

Loop, real name Georgia Buchanan, is rather good at pop songs. Her latest pop song is the aforementioned 'Losing My Mind' and it's quite thoroughly enjoyable in every way, if I'm honest. I've decided that Loop doesn't show off the most amazing vocal range in her songs (or other various techy things like that) and that's absolutely fine, because her songs are so fun that you don't really notice. Every female pop artist at the moment is doing the same thing, that's a fact and it can definitely become tiresome, but there's something sassier and more forthcoming about Loop and her music. It all comes off quite well live too. She's opening a show for (long-term blog acquaintances) Close Up Promotions in London at the end of the month. If you're around you should probably go.

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