Sunday 25 October 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #42

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

On this particular Sunday, the clocks has gone back and I have a stomach bug. YAY! This stomach bug has already prevented me from attending two shows this weekend and I'm becoming ever anxious that I won't make it to Years & Years on Tuesday either. That would be really awful for numerous reasons. Another thing to add to the list of dumb things I didn't do: go and see Leks Rivers on Monday. And I'm so so so annoyed at myself, surprise surprise. I'll get over it eventually, in the meantime, let's ponder the week that was.

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I provide to you yet another song that every other blog has already shared: Here is Jack Garratt’s ‘Breathe Life’. The multitalented musician has plenty in the pipeline, with the announcement of his debut album ‘Phase’, set for release in February, as well as a headline show at London’s Brixton Academy. 2016 is set to be an even bigger year for Garratt than 2015 has been and we’re not even there yet.

I love Alessia Cara, she’s literally the only person on this planet who has made ‘Hotline Bling’ even mildly bearable for me so imagine how stoked I was when I saw that she’d covered Nick Jonas’ ‘Levels’. I reckon that really, Alessia Cara could probably sing absolutely anything and make it sound incredible. How much would I need to pay her in order to get her to cover every song ever? Also, later this week we learnt her debut album is being released in three weeks. What?

Today I listened to Olivver the Kid’s new EP The Boy Who Cried Wolf and uncovered a new found appreciation for the songs which I’d already heard that are taken from it. ‘World On Fire’ is one of those, and it’s really cool. Essentially, there’s no way that anybody who likes The Neighbourhood could not like this. That kind of multi-genre-crossover thing done really well.

Callum Meadows Mcnab AKA MDWS is from Brisbane and ‘Heartbreak’ is his debut single. Didn’t I say something a little while ago about the excellent quality of new artists creeping out of Australia? The influences on MDWS’ Facebook page read like an absolute dream as well: Caribou, Flume, Gallant, Frank Ocean. The best bit is, there’s an EP on the way before the end of the year - praise the lord!

Avid Sunset Sons fans (i.e. the likes of me) will be aware that ‘On The Road’ featured on the four-piece’s secret/pretend-it-didn’t-exist Le Surfing EP which was released early last year. ‘On The Road’ follows ‘She Wants’, which also featured on the hush hush EP, and is accompanied by an apt video of Sunset Sons being on the actual road.

Throwback Thursday
I can not believe that I haven’t already posted this. I know I said that last week but I genuinely thought I’d already tbt’d this song. A few searches later and it would appear not. I wanted ‘Everything’ to be so huge, and it just didn’t make it which to this day still leaves me really gutted and mildly infuriated. I think that this is dance meets pop at its finest, and although the video is too peculiar for words, the song is fantastic. Another sad story of the music industry.

We have another ‘Love Myself’ case on our hands, a song that I didn’t think was that great until I saw other people talking about how great it is. I think maybe it’s just not what I expected from Snakehips. I do feel very Alessia Cara ‘Here’ about this track in that it just GETS ME. I really hope that there’s a video for ‘All My Friends’ and that it’s as perfect as ‘Here’s video was.
*EDIT* Since posting (on Friday) this has all changed and the track below is only the first minute and a half of this song... so you know, listen to it on your preferred music service...

Delilah? Delilah… is that really you? This is not how I thought we’d hear new material from Delilah but I’m so glad it is. I’ve been obsessed with mysterious ensemble Ritual for a while now, and their wispy eerie vibes. The more I think about it, there’s probably absolutely no one better in the entire world that they could have collaborated with than Delilah.

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