Sunday 4 October 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #39

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

What is up, universe? I can now confirm that we are defintiely entering in to Autumn. Everything is pumpkin, no matter where you turn, things are pumpkin, even the new WIIHAMB Twitter logo is pumpkin. DOES ANYBODY ACTUALLY LIKE PUMPKIN?! Because, my argument is, if we did all actually like pumpkin, we'd flavour things with it all year round, not just between September and November. In news of this week, I went to see Leon Bridges for the third time on Monday and I don't know why but Monday now seems like an entire lifetime ago. And I also went to see State Champs last night for the second time on their current European run. It was cool.

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I don’t really know why it took me so long to get into ‘Rewind’ because it’s quite obviously great. Kelela is like a more commercial pop version of FKA Twigs, she has that really cool alternative R’n’B vibe but unlike Twigs you could put a track like ‘Rewind’ on in the club without it needing to be tampered with on a remix front. This song is taken from Kelela’s forthcoming Hallucinogen EP which is out in a couple weeks time.

Since posting Steven A. Clark’s ‘Can’t Have’ the other month, I have become beyond obsessed with it, so any excuse to post it again really. This remix is really cool, like totally not too overpowering or anything, just rad. BUT I am really sad because as you can see above, Clark’s album ‘The Lonely Roller’ is supposedly out on 18th September, which is true, for places that aren’t Europe. So I’m over here in the UK having to wait until mid-November which is quite honestly excruciating.

I really love Lauv and the songs he does and the vibe that surrounds said songs. Lauv AKA Ari Leff released his debut EP ‘Lost In The Light’ last week, and amongst previous singles 'The Other' and 'Reforget', the EP features this track, 'Comfortable'. ‘Comfortable’ is a continuation of what we’ve already heard, in a super sultry pop/RnB vibe kind of way. Super sweet EP over all, would definitely recommend.

I changed how this happens slightly again, but I'm really into it this month. A pit stop tour of cool songs and some cool things that happened last month, along with some wit and sarcasm courtesy of yours truly.
Throwback Thursday
I remember buying this on CD single when I was like 13/14 and leaving it on the table hoping that my mother would be super impressed with my sick music taste. She did enquire as to whose it was, but unfortunately didn’t show as much passion for the cause as I’d hoped. That aside, many years on, this song is still excellent.

IT’S FRIDAY, holler at WIIHAMB for your vibes to kick off the weekend. ‘Bad’ is US DJ duo Lost Kings’ debut original track and it sounds 10/10 club smash great. Like on that scale of YAS! to YAAAAAS!!!, this is a solid YAAAAS!!. Newcomer Jessame’s vocals suit this so well too, and I don’t know what a “bad mama jama” is but nor do I really give a fuck to be quite honest. Reckon I’d like these guys to be quite big.

Rest assured, this isn’t another cover of the now 32 year old Rufus/Chaka Khan hit. Produced by both TCTS and Karma Kid, this ‘Ain’t Nobody’ is the new single from Kate Stewart - also known in the professional music metadata world as KStewart. Although ‘Ain’t Nobody’ isn’t the most groundbreaking song you’ve ever heard, the feel good vibes alone, not to mention Stewart’s excellent vocals, are enough to make this an addition to your party playlist.

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