Sunday 14 June 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #23

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

This past week I have fallen in love with a little old album called 'Watch Out!' created by some band called Alexisonfire. Completely missed a trick not investing in this album before now. We're pretty lucky that every Alexis release is out of stock on Banquet right now. Other than that, I've been to see Coasts, Oceaan and Years & Years this week, as well as having the most mindblowing meeting of my life. (Hi Alice, if you're reading 😱) Other than those things I bought a colouring book and the Women's World Cup has started, so both of those things have stunted my productivity a little. Also, I'm co-hosting Amelia's Shoreditch Radio show at some point very soon. We're recording on Monday and it will be up on a Tuesday (just not sure which one) so that is cool. THE VIBES WILL BE STRONG AND EXCELLENT, mark my words.

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It’s been a whole six months since I posted Embody’s track ‘With You’ featuring Barnaby. Fast forward to June, and Embody has leant his touch to Ang Low’s track ‘Drive’, perfect for warm summer (it’s coming, I promise) night. I get a bit of a Years & Years vibe from this, just more R’n’B and a little darker.

London based Wolfie’s new track ‘I Be Ghost’ sounds like what I’d imagine you would get if you stuck Tinashe and Banks in a blender. I was dreading this section of ICYMI coming around because I spent the majority of the original post complaining about my Amazon parcel that hadn't been delivered. This track is definitely something I wouldn't expect to come out of the UK, the sort of thing you get from the darkest depths of America. I see you making waves Wolfie, I see you.

After only relasing their official video for ‘Painted’ a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t expect MS MR to start churning out the pre-album tracks so soon. The second offering taken from the duo’s upcoming sophomore album ‘How Does It Feel’ (released next month!!!) is big ballad-esque ‘Wrong Victory’. I say 'ballad-esque' because I fairly outspokenly loathe ballads but MS MR can do no wrong in my eyes.

The UK Bailed On an Unmissable Farewell Tour
My favourite band on the planet, A Loss For Words, played their final UK and European shows last week. I wrote a (not so) little thing about it here. The saddest of times.

Throwback Thursday
When I started this blog I made up a whole load of unwritten rules which were all actually really stupid. One of these rules was not to post the same artist more than once on Throwback Thursday EVER. This is one of the dumbest. Dan told me to listen to Alexisonfire’s ‘Watch Out!’ album on Monday, so I did, I really really really really liked it and was obviously annoyed that I hadn’t taken the time to listen to it properly before.

You know sometimes you have to just suck it up and admit an incredible pop song when you hear it? Well, here’s ‘Groove’ from teenage duo Jack and Jack. I’d written these guys off last year as just standard music for teenage girls to go crazy over, but man, after hearing this, oh how my tune has changed. Pop song of the summer? It’s definitely up there. The disco infused song and the video definitely take it up a notch or ten too.

‘Autumn’ is Huntar’s new single, hot on the heels of the release of his second EP ‘Love I Know’ last month. This definitely isn’t my favourite Huntar song but there are elements here that I absolutely love. Let’s call it the “pre-chorus”, I really like that, and the backing vocals throughout but especially in the chorus are spot on. I know y'all love free stuff, so this is a free download AND Huntar is playing a freeee headline show in August - tickets to which are available on my beloved favourite app of all time Dice.

This is the second The Weeknd track I’ve posted this month and hey, come look at all the fucks I give. Yeah, you heard. SO, imagine The Weeknd did a song that didn’t sound like a Weeknd song and in fact sounded like an absolutely huge pop banger? It’s taken quite some years but this is no longer a thing that you need to imagine. ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ sounds like something that Michael Jackson could have written and performed if he was a young whippersnapper in 2015. Such an incredible chorus. We’re pretty close to masterpiece status here, Abel, pretty damn close.

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