Sunday 28 June 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #25

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

I haven't really done much this week, but the planet seems to have been spinning pretty fast on that there axis for the last seven days. I've had to struggle with keeping thoughts about Taylor Swift to myself because everybody thinks she's God's gift to the universe; I do not. Aside from that, the women's world cup has been on and you can now marry anyone you like in the entirety of America. I haven't really ventured further than my house or the office this week so there's not much more to report. Because I ended up writing two longer posts this week, it's thrown things out of whack at little and I've doubled up on tracks three times!

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Basically, trying to get this track to embed on Tumblr almost killed me, so unlike SG Lewis and Louis Mattrs, I have had to settle for less with a Spotify embed *cringes, flinches, winces for life*. ‘No Less’ itself however has been enough to soothe my mind and soul during these hard times. Louis Mattrs’ vocals get me caught up in all the feels at the best of times, so just imagine the state I’m in right now.

We’ve all heard about Taylor’s battle and victory against the big bad Apple Music right? Which is cool I guess… apart from the fact that ALL other indie labels and artists of varying sizes have been fighting for the same cause for weeks now but aren’t getting any credit. I wrote a little bit more about my take on this HERE

‘Bang Bang’ is the a new track taken from Lawrence Taylor’s forth(long-time-away)coming debut EP, set for release in October. And obviously October is nowhere near now which makes me sad because Lawrence Taylor’s voice makes me really happy. It just sounds unbelievably effortless. Also I love how the pace of ‘Bang Bang’ completely changes throughout the course of the song, from minimalistic guitar and vocals to a full band full blown frenzy.

I heard this once and wrote it off. Wrote it off to the extent that I posted a tweet about how I thought Rudimental’s second album didn’t seem to be shaping up to much. I was incorrect. I listened to ‘Rumour Mill’ again, this time, dipping in and out of the video at the same time, and you know what? It was great. The simple black and white video works so well with the track. Song of the summer? It’s quite possible.

When I first heard Broadside, I dismissed them as a generic pop punk band. Then I head ‘Playing In Traffic’. For the past week I’ve had nothing but their debut album ‘Old Bones’ on repeat, so much so that I had to write a proper thing about it. You can read that thing HERE.

Throwback Thursday
When Scary Kids Scaring Kids were at their peak I didn’t listen to many bands that were as “heavy” as them, but to this very day their video for ‘My Darkest Hour’ is one of my favourite music videos ever. Obviously there isn't an official version on YouTube *link to unofficial version*, but I also heard ‘The Only Medicine’ at a fairly impressionable age and it was also a song that I enjoyed. This all got a bit dark when I was just having a look at the SKSK Wiki page (ever reliable to top quality research) to find that their former frontman Tyson Stevens died in October last year from a drug overdose.

Teischa is a young Australian singer/songwriter with a huge soulful voice, which is showcased wonderfully in her most recent single ‘Couldn’t Care Less’. As always I’ve saved the best bit until last, this is a FREE download on Triple J right here.

Imagine you kicked off your year winning a Grammy award for album of the year. Great! Well until Kanye West storms in and tells you that you didn’t deserve it. Since then you’ve been plotting, plotting away to take him down. Well Kanye, stick ‘Dreams’ in your pipe and smoke the living daylight out of it. ‘Dreams’ is perfect for summer and for sweet sweet revenge.

Y’all heard me bang on about how much I’m into Lostboycrow already right? I’ll try and tone it down. ‘Start Something’ is another (*air grab*) new track from the LA based artist. This is the shape and sound of peculiar pop to come and I’m pretty darn excited about it.

I’ve never been a fan of Man Overboard, but ‘Reality Check’ was premiered on Billboard last week and I was like “woah is this even the same band?”. The New Jersey based pop punk band are set to release their fourth album ‘Heavy Love’ next week and it is currently streaming right now right here. It doesn’t stop with ‘Reality Check’ though, the whole album sounds pretty great.

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