Sunday 21 June 2015

ICYMI - This Week on WIIHAMB - 2015 Week #24

In case you missed it - You shouldn't have, but just in case you did.

Happy Sunday everybody! You can all be extra grateful that this post made it out today - and most posts for the following week or so - as I bought Arkham Asylum and Lego Harry Potter 5-7 this week. I'm also in the market for a PS4 and probably Arkham Knight too which could very well happen to my bank account next week. So it's at this point where we can all be thankful that anything is going up on WIIHAMB at all really. In other news this week, Broadside's debut album 'Old Bones' has swiftly replaced 'Watch Out!' as my album on repeat and I also saw The Movielife play their first London show in twelve years. Oh, and I did a radio show.

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Goldlink is reaching for mass appeal with his new track ‘Dance On Me’. There’s a more pop/”commercial” hip hop vibe here compared to some of the things on his last release The God Complex, along with the most solid of beats to dance to. This is also a free download which you can download for free below.

I think I’ve been pretty not fussed about Alex Vargas up until now, you know how it is, not offended, just not for me. Well that all changed this week after pressing play on this live video of ‘Solid Ground’. If you like Jack Garratt, you’ll like this. Really strong vocals alongside a bit of electric guitar and some electronicy bits and you get this. There’s something about him selling out a few London shows in a couple of hours and it’s not surprising once you’ve seen/heard what Vargas is capable of.

I thought I’d actually posted Leo Kalyan more than four times since this blog’s inception but a quick look through the archives shows that to be incorrect. I guess five times in just over two years is still fairly frequent. Kalyan’s new track ‘Fingertips’ is another slice of perfect sultry pop. The single is take from his new EP Silver Linings which is set for release on 24th July. OH YOU WANT FREE STUFF? Well he's playing a free London headline show on 29th July, you can get tickets on my beloved Dice *heart eyes emoji*

I’ve explained before about my love for subtle remixes haven’t I? Remixes that breathe some new life into a song but don’t chop and change and swap out half of the original. After only being uploaded to Goldroom’s Soundcloud page 30 days ago, ‘Embrace’ hardly needed a new lease of life but Brooklyn mob Body Language have pumped some in there anyway. Australian rising star George Maple takes on vocal duties throughout ‘Embrace’ giving the song a Jessie Ware like feel.

Throwback Thursday
This week I decided that I'd like to be in Little Mix because it would be great. There was then an office-wide discussion of whether I would be obliged to go out with one of One Direction if I should ever join Little Mix. Obviously as Little Mix are not a particularly throwbackworthy act, I went for another incredible all female pop ensemble in the form of All Saints.

This isn’t normally generally usually the sort of thing that I’m into, BUT, seeing as I’ve posted Only Girl before and given that this track is incredible, it’s made the cut. Londoner Ellen Murphy has put out this absolutely stunning song ‘Remains’ which is taking the blogosphere (lol) by storm. The harder you look at the artwork whilst you’re listening to the track the more angelic Only Girl looks.

Will a month go by without JMSN releasing a new music video? No, probably not. I don’t really know what’s going on in this visual for ‘Bout It’ but then again, I’m not sure I’m really bothered. Just JMSN doing his #thing in the middle of nowhere via some pretty shoddy (I hear it’s vintage) camera quality - but isn’t that what JMSN does best? Regardless, ‘Bout It’ is just as great, if not greater, as everything else I have posted from his self-titled “blue” album to date. Biggest regret of 2015 so far, not seeing JMSN live when I had the chance. Proper fucked it up didn’t I.

This week I gatecrashed/co-hosted the New & Used show on Shoreditch radio. I've written some more about it here but you can listen to the show itself just below. I actually look horrific in that photo, like my face is so huge, so pretend it's not there.

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