Wednesday 23 March 2016

JMSN - Cruel Intentions

What with JMSN drip-feeding us videos for each of the tracks from his self-titled Blue album over the past year or so, it doesn’t really feel like that long since we last heard new music from him. Alas, ‘Cruel Intentions’ comes as the first track from his new full-length release, It Is., set for release in early May.

I don't know how long this has been going on for, but the release of JMSN's video for 'Cruel Intentions' brought something pretty major to my attention. And that is that JMSN no longer looks like the second coming of ye olde Jesus. Essentially this is all pretty irrelevant to everything but I guess it makes it trickier for me to be like "yo, listen to how good this guy is, also he looks like common depictions of that there Messiah". Instead, JMSN's just like a musical alternative/soul/RnB Messiah... which is all very odd but, it is what it is. As has come to be expected, JMSN does JMSN very well on this song with vocals on point, but a far more minimalistic video than we may have become accustomed to in recent times.

And then everything's a bit like, "hey, you know what, if one song wasn't enough, why don't you just take this one shoved on to the end of the first one too?" Well, why thank you JMSN, it is indeed much appreciated and I shall now continue to pursue this eight minute long venture multiple times. Although 'Good Ol' Case Of The Blues' is musically all very nice, especially as a continuation from 'Cruel Intentions', the vocal tone is mildly reminiscent of preachy DJ Khaled. OMG please don't hate me; that's probably just how Americans speak, isn't it? THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO LISTEN TO JMSN.

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