Monday 14 March 2016

Joe Hertz feat. Amber-Simone - Stay Lost

For the 50th time this year Blogger decided it was cool to delete some of my drafts and I am PISSED.

Amber-Simone wasn't lying when she said "summertime isn't as far as you think", and I know that's hard to believe when we're halfway through March and it feels like winter's grip is never going to let up, but it will. 'Stay Lost' is proof that there is hope and light at the end of this long dark and chilly tunnel.

Last time we heard from Joe Hertz was in November when he was 'Tied Up' with Huntar. The good news is that he seems to have escaped his captor; the bad news is that now he's trying to 'Stay Lost'. Possibly hoping that he won't be recaptured but who really know? I say that this is bad news but actually it's really not because this song is excellent.

I've never heard Amber-Simone before but I have full on 100% fallen in love with her voice and I couldn't be more stoked that this introduction has come courtesy of Joe Hertz. Hertz has a genuine knack for pairing great vocalists with his own tight as hell production and straight-up good vibe laden tracks. I don't really know what that sentence means, but essentially, this song is so good and I can only hope that we'll hear loads more from both Joe Hertz and Amber-Simone this year and that it'll all be as great as this.

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