Tuesday 22 March 2016

Lyves - Darkest Hour

A lot of the time it takes me some time to get around to things. Whether it be just posting things, which now takes me a good while, or even just listening to things. I left this song hanging in the balance for an entire 17 hours before first pressing play on it and that was one of the stupidest things I've done this year.

Francesca Bergami AKA Lyves has been kind of quiet on the new music front since the release of 'Shelter' and 'Body Close' around this time last year but it looks as if all that is about to change. 'Darkest Hour' is the first track to be taken from Lyves mysterious forthcoming debut EP and to be frank, if this track is anything to go by the entire EP is going to straight up slay.

I don't know exactly what it is about Bergami's self-professed "alt soul" vibes that I like so much but 'Darkest Hour' makes me imagine that I'm walking on a sea of clouds during a sunset where the sky is all pink and purple and I have no idea what someone is supposed to infer from that. Lyves' vocals are just sound so pure and effortless and serene. I think I could happily sit back and listen to 'Darkest Hour' on repeat until the next track materialises. No complaints.

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