Thursday 7 April 2016

Remixing Bowl: Wafia, St. Albion, HUNTAR

Hi there, if I'm ill and I don't tell you about it, am I actually ill?
Anyway, today's title is one of the few thousand examples of why I don't write headlines for genuine publications. In essence, some songs I think are cool have received equally if not more cool remixes recently and I want to share them here, with you. I'm so behind on "new things" and I will no doubt listen to something tomorrow that I could have included here, but hey, you can't have it all.

Wafia - Heartburn (Jaramix)

I see what you did there Jarami, putting your name and "mix" together. I like it, I like it a lot. I'm also really into what Jarami has done with rising Australian pop/RnB starlet Wafia's 'Heartburn'. I already posted a Jarami remix this year, didn't I? The Chinah one. Yes, these guys are good at the ol' remix thing. On this occasion they've made the already pretty vibey 'Heartburn' extra vibey, warmer and more danceable than it was before. They also haven't done much with Wafia's vocals which is cool and I think was a pretty solid move.

St. Albion feat Teischa - Hold On (UNO Stereo remix)

I only featured 'Hold On' last month and I was like "man, this is cool but like I can't post the same song two months in a row... can I?" Well thanks to this new painfully named Remixing Bowl feature, I damn well can. The press release for this track describes it as "groovy" which, regardless of how many grooves a song possesses, makes me feel very uncomfortable. Thank God for UNO Stereo's "future disco" which is about as carefree as they come. Stuff coming out of Australia is so good at the moment, like seriously worth checking out. The only downside is just that they're so far away *sad emojis* (Also, this is a free download!)

Huntar - SK1N (Wingtip remix)

I actually find it hard to write about Huntar seriously/with any kind of conviction anymore (sorry m8) but I'm going to try my best.  I didn't really like 'SK1N' when it surfaced last year, most probably because it's verging on being too ballady. But Wingtip's got my back, albeit almost a year on, but you can't rush (near) perfection. Live, Huntar puts various dance/D&B spins on a few of his tracks I would relish in this Wingtip version of 'SK1N' being what happens live from now on but I'm totally aware that's not going to happen. Anyway, this is great and for all fans of any of Huntar's stuff to be honest.

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