Monday 4 April 2016

Sophomore - LOVE U BAD / i feel like somebody else

Back when I was... I don't know, eighteen or so, I really liked Decade. Rock/pop/punk five-piece from Bath, Decade. A little less further back, in 2012/2013, Decade frontman Alex Sears released a couple of EPs under the moniker of Sophomore. I've been a fan of Sears' solo stuff even before I had this blog (on Tumblr) and one of his fairly early tracks is on my personal Tumblr filed under the tag whatifihadamusicblog. Anyway so the latter of the two earlier Sophomore EPs was (it still is) called The Blue EP and I still really like some of the songs from it, especially 'I Hate Your Guts'.

So, time had passed, I'd enquired numerous times as to whether we'd ever receive any more Sophomore material and I'd almost given up hope. Hello, a wild March 2016 appears and along with it, so do two new Sophomore tracks. So, I'm hella stoked.

These tracks are far more emo/grunge drenched than the Decade material you may be used to (and also compared to previous Sophomore releases) but it's a really welcome change to hear a different side to Sears. First track 'LOVE U BAD' is as melancholy a love song as they come but the (forgive me) juxtaposition (*cringes*) between wanting to "drink your love"/"love you bad" and the sad chords etc is all quite good. I think this is my favourite of the two. 'i feel like somebody else' is far more upbeat and poppy in comparison to 'LOVE U BAD', not in comparison to songs in general. Look, this is why no one refers to me as a journalist or writer because words escape me when I'm actually attempting to write about things.

Basically, these two tracks are quite nice if you fancy a pop/emo vibe and they're both available to download for free right here (or below, whatever).

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