Friday, 28 April 2017

Last Week's Releases Today: It's While She Sleeps' World...

...We just live in it. I think this will be my last update for April, months are tricky but I guess I make the rules around here.

Albums and EPs Released Last Week:

Adrijana - Faser Although I have listened to entirely non-English language releases before (see: Babymetal), I've definitely never enjoyed one as much as I'm enjoying this debut release from Swedish singer Adrijana. If anything, it affirms that good pop music has no bounds. The only track I don't like on here is 'Amere' which was released as a full on proper single despite being by far the worst song; I am perplexed. I'd really like to hope that it's only a couple of years before Adrijana is releasing English language material for the masses - although obviously that's totally not something someone should have to do but hey, that's the world we live in! 6/7 tracks added to library.

Amy Shark - Night Thinker I have found absolutely nothing redeeming about this EP and even more frustratingly than that, I can't work out what it is that I hate about it so much. I reckon Shark's voice is quite plain and uninteresting and that's probably the first hurdle. I'm annoyed that the lyrics throughout 'Adore' are quite relatable because I just don't think I could bare listening to this song again. I'm even more annoyed that I didn't make notes during my first listen to this EP and I'm having to endure it again. I actually quite like the over-produced backing vocal on 'Weekends'... and on 'Worst Girl' too. Okay, so I lied about the whole "nothing redeeming" thing but still these perks are extremely minor. 'Blood Brothers' is The Pop Song on here and I do actually really want to like it... but there's something so unappealing that I can not shake about Amy Shark. No tracks added to library.

Blackbear - digital druglord Forgive me, but I'm struggling to understand what's going on with Blackbear at the moment considering just last month we received a full mansionz album, Blackbear's extremely sub-par project with Mike Posner, and now we have a solo record too. I can't work out whether this album is actually far better than the mansionz one was, or whether I'm just relieved that Mike Posner does not feature on it for even a second. Tracks like 'i miss the old u' and 'do re mi' lead me to believe that Matthew Musto has recently had a pretty rough experience with a female partner but as songwriting goes, 'do re mi' is pretty fucking great. 4/10 tracks added to library.

COIN - How Will You Know If You Never Try Never have I been more shocked to learn that an indie band was not from the north of England as I was when discovering this about COIN. Do they even use the word "coin" in America?! I'm honestly so bewildered that COIN are from Nashville that I can't find the words to even start telling you about how good this album is. I have no idea what their debut full-length sounded like, but they've definitely perfected indie-pop-rock on this record. I'd like to point you in the direction of 'Feeling' mostly - I wish every indie band wrote songs like this. 6/11 tracks added to library.

David Dallas - Hood Country Club We're all well aware of my current infatuation with Sydney based hip hop groups but this week has thrown up Auckland based rapper David Dallas. Hood Country Club is Dallas' fourth album and at the ripe age of 34, he definitely knows what he's doing. The first three tracks on this record are absolute bangers especially 'Fit In', but the album takes a far less mainstream route from there onwards, which I found a little strange. Something I've taken a lot more notice of and learnt to appreciate is mixed race artists talking about exactly that, and it's something Dallas references a few times throughout Hood Country Club in relevant and intelligent ways. 7/13 tracks added to library.

While She Sleeps - You Are We This is the new and might I say groundbreaking third album from Sheffield metalcore/punk five-piece While She Sleeps. I've been trying to explain on Twitter this week that this album is a great starter pack for anybody who wants to "get in to" metal. Every song is huge, every chorus is massive, it picks up and slows down the pace at perfect intervals. This is an exceptional record. Not on is this album impeccable, they are an excellent live band. They're on the most wild UK tour at the moment; if that hasn't reached you yet, make sure you reach it. The whole damn thing added to library.


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